Creating predictable restorations with Pro-V C&B

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report May 2019, Volume 53, Issue 5

Why one dentist enjoys the flexibility of this temporary crown and bridge material.

Pro-V® C&B is a temporary crown and bridge material that quickly and easily creates durable and natural-looking restorations. Developed using a multifunctional acrylic composite, Pro-V C&B is said to be a superb mixture of strength, durability, flexibility and esthetics that emulates a natural tooth.

Introduced in November 2018 by BISCO, Pro-V C&B features high compressive and flexural strength and is indicated for the fabrication of temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers, including long-term temporary restorations.

Flexible, durable and efficient

According to Joseph Kim, DDS, sometimes when dentists try to remove a temporary bridge, it will fracture, or when a clinician tries it in, if the patient bites down hard, it will break. Pro-V C&B creates a strong and durable restoration, reducing the risk of fracture when subjected to high or sudden masticatory loading in the mouth.

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“Pro-V C&B has a slight bit of flexibility that makes it forgiving, which reduces the chance of the restoration fracturing,” says Dr. Kim, who has been practicing dentistry in Sugar Grove, Illinois, for more than 18 years. “Anyone who is doing longer spans will appreciate the flexibility as opposed to a traditional acrylic material that can snap very easily when you bend it even slightly.”

With Pro-V C&B, the entire process is more streamlined and efficient. Once mixed, the material sets within four minutes and flows easily into the impression with great control.

Dr. Kim says the product saves time in terms of not having to rebuild or repair fractured temporary bridges and crowns.

The increased durability is also ideal when final crowns and bridges are intentionally delayed as part of a larger treatment plan.


“The auto mix is very soft and doesn’t resist you,” Dr. Kim says. “When you go to push it back in, it almost always goes all the way back down. Being able to use the temporaries for the duration of the treatment is a major time and cost saver.”


Any product or process that makes a procedure more predictable is going to translate into real chair time and contribute to overhead savings.

“We have been able to remove these temporaries and use them without having to start over again,” Dr. Kim says. “Published numbers on hardness and other features are important, but in terms of the intangibles like the material not shattering, you can’t put a price on that frustration.”

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According to Dr. Kim, any practitioner who does front teeth work knows that the temporaries need to be beautiful and reflect what the finals will look like.

“BISCO products are very compatible. I use BISCO’s liquid polish, Fortify™, with my temporaries and the high-gloss finish is absolutely beautiful. That kind of predictability makes you a hero to the patient,” Dr. Kim says.

A self-curing material, PRO-V C&B is available in four essential, high-fidelity shades, polishes to an esthetic finish and can be trimmed with minimal effort.

“Of all the auto mix crown and bridge materials, Pro-V C&B is going to give you the best balance between slight flexibility, hardness and esthetic appeal,” Dr. Kim says. “Any dental practice that appreciates quality and those intangible factors is not going to regret going to this product.”