A Brisk and Beautiful Dental Restoration

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products February 2022, Volume 44, Issue 1

The 3D pro-zir is a zirconia material that is designed to offer both strength and esthetic solutions for dental labs and practices

The 3D pro-zir® zirconia disc is the latest innovation in dental restoration. The leading digital solution in the field of zirconia material, 3D pro-zir features high strength, a natural gradient of color, superior translucency and a layer-less natural transition. The excellent characteristics of this material combined with the 3D pro zir Rapid Aesthetic Solution helps dental labs finalize and develop restorations within 24 hours.

Developed by Aidite Technology and Peking University School of Stomatology, 3D pro-zir is available in 16 different colors and features 57% translucency, creating a uniformity of hue and brightness. Matching the color transition of natural teeth from cervical to incisal, 3D pro-zir is regarded as tooth-colored restorative material.

“I have been using 3D pro-zir for approximately 3 years, mainly for full-arch cases,” says Obad Alshammaa, CDT and owner of Shama Dental Lab in Seattle, Washington. “It is an extremely strong, bright, and multilayered zirconia that blends beautifully inside the patient’s mouth.”

In addition to superior esthetics, 3D pro-zir has biomimetic properties in terms of abrasion, strength, and functional competence. With a bending strength of 1050 MPa at the cervical region, it meets the standard strength requirements of dental laboratories and ensures a high resistance against opposing dentine and resulting deformation. A lower bending strength of 700 MPa at the incisal region protects mandibular teeth and makes 3D pro-zir ideal for a broad range of indications, including veneers, posterior and anterior crowns, full contour bridges, and implants.

“3D pro-zir looks very natural and gives me the right color and value,” Alshammaa says. “It blends in beautifully, so I don’t have to manipulate the color with a stain or layer it with other ceramic materials. When it comes out of the milling machine, it is perfect. I can mill the full arch and glaze it, and it is ready to be placed inside.”

In addition, 3D pro-zir requires less time and material than other zirconia.

“In the past, in order to match the patient’s mouth, we had to layer ceramics on top to make it look more natural, but this also made the material a little weaker,” Alshammaa says. “3D pro-zir is multilayered and has all the body and translucency in it. So I don’t have to cut and layer porcelain and spend hours trying to make it look good. It really saves me a lot of time.”

The quick sintering process achieves a faster restoration and greatly reduces the patient’s waiting time. The full contour and impressive characteristics of the material itself, combined with the 3D pro zir Rapid Aesthetic Solution, enables dental laboratories to finalize and deliver zirconia restorations within 24 hours. 3D pro-zir is preferred by many dental labs because it can meet the needs of laboratory-customized solutions.

“It really is a partnership between the lab and the dentist,” Alshammaa explains. “Every dental lab tests many materials to find the right one in terms of strength and value. 3D pro-zir is one of the best zirconia materials I’ve used for my full-arch cases.

“We have to work smarter, not harder, by using the right materials,” Alshammaa continues. “Anyone who uses this material once will love it and start using it all the time. The company is also very good to work [with] and provides excellent technical support.”