5Ws* Straumann TLX Implant System

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Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products February 2022, Volume 44, Issue 1

This implant system will suit your preferred treatment protocol, be it immediate or conventional placement and loading.

Information provided by Straumann USA.


Straumann® TLX Implant System


Straumann USA




All dental laboratories and practices that provide implant services.


The Straumann TLX Implant System complements the company’s bone-level BLX Implant System. Both use the same set of drills and TorcFit™ connection for maximum compatibility with minimum investment.


The system features a fully tapered implant (for stability) and offers the predictability of a Tissue Level Implant, with a narrow 3.75-diameter option. The implants promote peri-implant health—there is no gap at bone level—and thus are ideal for patients with periodontal conditions. Other features include reduced risk of nesting bacteria, optimized cleanability (soft-tissue connection), and attachment preservation for outstanding long-term results.

The How*

A 1-stage process with restoration at soft-tissue level allows you to use chair time more efficiently. It offers a clear view of and accessibility to the connection even in the posterior region. It features a built-in emergence profile and simple soft-tissue management; promotes transgingival healing; and allows elimination of second stage surgery. Redistribution of native bone and control over insertion torque give the system dynamic bone management. It also features Swiss precision and quality with Roxolid® material and SLActive® surface.