5Ws* Nightguard Flex

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products February 2022, Volume 44, Issue 1

This 3D printing resin delivers high-impact strength and a simple chairside experience.


NightGuard Flex™ 3D resin


SprintRay Inc
800-914-8004 | sprintray.com


Any dental laboratory or practice


For fabricating orthodontic and dental appliances like mouth guards, night guards, and splints.


Designed to work in tandem with SprintRay’s Cloud Design and Pro 3D printing systems, NightGuard Flex creates workflow efficiencies. This resin is designed to enable you to print appliances more than 2 times faster than with other similar materials. Because NightGuard Flex offers better dimensional stability during printing, you use fewer supports and save both time and resin. The resulting heat-set appliance is comfortable, easy to clean, and flavorless.

*The How

The biocompatible material features high-impact strength and flexure at body temperature. At 118 J/m, its strength reduces the chance of breakage under load. It prints a full 170-μ-thick arch in just over 40 minutes.