5Ws* base86 Platform

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2022, Volume 56, Issue 1

base86 will make it easier for practices to save money when purchasing products through its smart comparisons, purchasing insights, and direct communication with suppliers.

Information provided by base86.


base86 is a supply management, cost tracking, and optimization platform.





Any dental practice in need of a single platform to keep track of product costs and save money with optimized supply chain value.


Practices can have direct access to a range of suppliers, with the ability to request quotes and compare different offers when it comes to the high-quality products the practice needs.


Data collated by base86 provides unique contextual and actionable insights for dental practices, allowing them to optimize the buying experience for their practice’s specific needs. Price negotiations and smart alerts will save the practice money in the long term.

The How*

Clinicians can upload a Microsoft Excel file that lists each of its products, including price points and quantities. They can then generate requests for quotations for these products and utilize base86 to send them to suppliers available through the platform. These suppliers will send quotes back, and clinicians can then compare against one another to find the best price for their practice. Smart alerts can keep practices abreast of price changes and industry averages for future purchasing insight.