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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report January 2022
Volume 56
Issue 1

A look at the benefits Hibbeln & Kowal Dental in Rochester Hills, Michigan, experienced after switching to this system.

RevenueWell Phone

RevenueWell Phone is a new Voice over Internet Protocol phone and text messaging system designed for dental practices. As the newest addition to the company’s existing patient relationship management solutions, it offers a new way for office managers and front desk staff to drive appointment scheduling and productivity while minimizing time spent on the phone and improving practice return on investment. It is an all-in-one communication hub that integrates with practice management software. It offers coordinated voice, 2-way text messaging, email, fax, and video conferencing—all tied to the practice’s existing phone number.


855-415-9355 | revenuewell.com

The Practice

Hibbeln & Kowal Dental is a very popular, family-oriented practice with 2 general dentists who have been based in the Rochester Hills, Michigan, area for 25 years.

“Our treatments that we regularly provide are preventive, composite fillings, crowns, periodontal, orthodontic, and whitening services. We’re always accepting new patients, and RevenueWell Marketing Platform and Messenger have made it easy and seamless to communicate with patients to bring them on board,” says Hibbeln & Kowal Dental operations manager Taryn Watson.

The Prior Solution

“Prior to RevenueWell Phone, we were using Weave to manage our patient engagement so that we could communicate with our patients via text and emails. Weave was also our phone system, which gave us the ability to see who was calling before we picked up the phone, which was very helpful. However, we wanted something more dental-specific that we could tailor to our practice, and I’ve found that with RevenueWell,” Watson says.

Upgrade Inspiration

In looking for a better solution, RevenueWell Phone delivered.

“We were initially led to RevenueWell after some service outages with Weave that we experienced in the past. We were also looking for a system and provider that was dental-specific,” Watson says.

The Benefits

The phones have been very user-friendly, which allows the practice to utilize the functionality very easily and to quickly train team members.

“We love how the phone system is integrated with the RevenueWell portal, and we are always getting the pop-ups, which is great and very useful! We’ve also seen a huge improvement in the reliability of the phone service, which is what we wanted to accomplish. The biggest improvement that we felt right away was the reliability and quality,” Watson says. “The support team [has] also been really helpful. In the past, I was constantly on the phone with support to try to troubleshoot the issues, and it just continued. The new phone system has been amazing. We can now clearly hear our patients without any interruptions or delays, so it’s been a major improvement to our practice.

“Since the RevenueWell phone system is more reliable, we’re spending more time-solving patients’ needs instead of diagnosing phone issues. We also use RevenueWell’s automated phone confirmations, which has improved our confirmations for appointments and cut our admin overhead in half. It’s been great! I also love that the voicemail is integrated in the RevenueWell portal too. Being able to access voicemails directly through the portal and listen to them from anywhere has really been helpful.”

What’s Up Next

“We’ve been able to deliver a better patient experience when they call us. We no longer worry about the phones dropping or static in the lines. It’s nice to have the communication set up for text messaging, which our patients appreciate also,” she says.

When asked what change would likely inspire the practice to replace RevenueWell Phone, Watson says, “To be honest, nothing. We’ve really enjoyed the new phone system!”

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