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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report August 2021
Volume 55
Issue 8

With A-dec’s growing line of practice protection solutions, clinicians and patients can feel confident they’re in a safe and healthy environment.

[ compiled by Stan Goff ] | Information provided by A-dec Inc.

A-dec 360

What: A-dec 360™

Who: A-dec Inc



Where: Every practice with a commitment to help maintain a safe and healthy environment.

When: Mitigate risk and maintain a clean environment by using A-dec products to help safeguard your practice.

Why: Nothing is more important than protecting the health of your practice. That’s why A-dec has built extra sterilization measures into its products for decades. Now, with an ever-increasing concern for mitigating risk and maintaining a clean environment, they are supporting dental teams with a growing line of solutions to guard your practice. The A-dec 360 line provides shelter from environmental hazards, while visually reinforcing your commitment to safety.

*The How

Protection—A-dec 360 reflects an unwavering commitment to help you maintain a safe and healthy environment for your practice, your team, and your patients. From shields to sanitation stands, protection is your shelter from environmental risks. Maintenance—A-dec 360 supports the constant, ongoing task of maintenance, whether chemical or built-in. Sterilization—Prevent cross contamination and infection with the equipment, products, and tools of the trade that are necessary to carry out meticulous processes. Prevention—Capture aerosols and particulates before they become a problem with high-volume evacuators and equipment.

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