5Ws* BLÜ™ Toothbrush

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report August 2021, Volume 55, Issue 8

The BLÜ Toothbrush and smartphone app give both patients and dental professionals insights that help build healthy habits.

Information provided by BLÜ Toothbrush.

What: BLÜ Toothbrush

Who: BLU

Where: Dental practices looking to build stronger relationships and help patients build better at-home oral care habits.

When: The BLUPortal offers dental professionals insights into their patients’ home care routine even after they have left the practice. The BluApp® offers patients guided coaching as users brush in real-time, allowing them to track their progress wherever they are.

Why: Offering a convenient and fun brushing solution for the whole family, the BLU electric smart brush helps ensure that healthy oral habits are being established. BluKIDS gives children a fun experience that gets them excited about brushing. The BluApp lets parents keep track of when kids brush and tracks accuracy. It also connects to their pediatric dentist so a professional can also track their progress. The BLUportal lets dentists see their patients’ brushing overview including brushed surfaces, flossing, frequency, and duration.

*The How: The BLU Toothbrush features a slim neck for easy access to the back of the mouth, and its bristles fade to white when the head needs replaced. Its built-in timer signals every 30 seconds when it’s time to move to the next section. The brush’s 5 modes provide a tailored experience based on recommendations from a dental professional. The associated app includes BluLIVE Track, which ensures users don’t miss any spots while brushing, and the BluCOACH suggests brushing modes based on history and habits. BluSPOT allows users to mark trouble areas in the app and communicates these areas to their dental professional via the BLUPortal.