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An Intraoral Scanner to Serve Patients

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report August 2021
Volume 55
Issue 8

This scanner offers the advanced technology and customer service experience that will allow practices to serve patients better.

An image of someone holding the Medit i700 intraoral scanner

As a dentist who conducts a lot of beta testing, Isaac Tawil, DDS, MS, has about 7 intraoral scanners in his office. After receiving the Medit i700 in February, Dr Tawil says his preference now is to always pick up this scanner when working on a patient case.

Building off the success of the Medit i500, the i700 intraoral scanner is packed with powerful hardware and intelligent software designed to allow clinicians to unleash their practice’s full potential.

Medit i700

This intraoral scanner will allow practices to stand out with its integration of new, upgraded software from the Medit i500 scanner. Featuring a remote-control button, the Medit i700 makes accessibility and efficiency easy for clinicians, and a smart stitching feature can offer a full view of the arch. It is ergonomic and lightweight while still containing the full technological array of features for daily use.



“I was quite surprised with the new software itself. It’s much more intuitive, and it has some really advanced features that work for both the i500 and i700,” says Dr Tawil, who practices out of Tawil Dental in Brooklyn, New York.

One of the most impressive features of the i700 is the remote-control button, according to Dr Tawil. Being able to scan a patient’s mouth without frequently having to touch the computer is a big time-saver for the clinician.

“Sometimes I’m in the exam room alone without an assistant at the computer, and I can’t keep recovering the computer or changing gloves after touching the computer,” he says.

“If there’s no one else in the room, with this scanner in remote mode you can scroll around and scan, zoom in and zoom out, pan, even go from 1 step to the next,” Dr Tawil continues. “I just hold down the button and it takes me to the next scan. Medit made the entire feature kind of hands-free from the computer.”

The smart stitching feature allows Dr Tawil to stitch various scans together to create a complete view of the arch, an aspect of the scanner he found extremely impressive.

“I couldn’t believe they were actually able to do that. I was worried about the accuracy, but I found it was exactly the same as if I did it the more traditional way of scanning. I was blown away by that,” he notes.

At only 245 g, the Medit i700 is designed to be featherlight. Plus, scanner tips that are reversible and can be rotated 180º allow dentists to better capture areas for scanning.

“The i700 is much more ergonomic, especially compared with the i500. It’s a much sleeker design,” Dr Tawil says. “There’s also a much wider tip at the end. I feel the view is increased, so I can capture more of the arch.”

The upgraded Medit i700 is engineered to support a scan speed that is 2 times faster than that of the Medit i500. Thanks to software improvements, scan processing times are said to be 4½ times faster.

“One of the biggest things I tell people is try to save time,” he says. “Whatever you can do to be more efficient, whatever you can do to eliminate downtime between procedures, it adds up.

“A half hour at the end of the day equals another patient you can see and treat. The speed of the scanning is vastly improved from the old model, which was already really good to begin with.”

In addition to the scanner’s next-generation features, Medit’s customer support is unsurpassed, Dr Tawil remarks. This is especially helpful for dentists who may be just entering the world of intraoral scanning and are nervous about the learning curve involved.

“No matter what, Medit is always there to help you,” he says. “If you make a post on Facebook, one of their lead technicians will respond. I can wait an hour and a half on the phone with some other companies just to get someone on the other line to speak to. If you have a patient who you need to scan and you have an issue, just click that support button and there’s someone on the other end waiting to help you.”

Between the ease of use in scanning and the unique integrated technology, Dr Tawil notes that there is no reason for dentists not to purchase the Medit i700.

“There’s no question that you should buy this,” he says. “This is 5 to 10 years in the future right now in your hands. It’s easy to buy, it’s easy to use, it’s comfortable, and you have all the support in the world.”

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