5 reasons the i-CAT FLX system is great for dental practices

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-10-01, Issue 10

Find out why this new 3D system is a must-have for your practice.

Find out why this new 3D system is a must-have for your practice.

1. Visual iQuity™ image technology provides i-CAT’s clearest images, both 3D volumes and 2D panoramic*, for use in planning and treatment for implants and restorations, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, plus TMD and airway disorders.

2. QuickScan+ allows for a full-dentition 3D scan at a lower dose than a 2D panoramic image.*

3. SmartScan STUDIO’s touchscreen interface and integrated acquisition system yields more control and workflow flexibility by allowing the clinician to easily select the appropriate scan for each patient at the lowest acceptable radiation dose.

4. Comes with the full-featured Tx STUDIO™ optimized treatment planning software that provides immediate access to integrated treatment tools for implant planning, surgical guides, and other applications.

5. Becoming a part of the renowned i-CAT network brings the benefits of i-CAT quality products, service and educational opportunities that add value to the practice.

*Data on file

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