4 benefits of the ScanX Swift chairside digital system from Air Techniques

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-10-01, Issue 10

The ScanX Swift from Air Techniques offers a user friendly, complete solution for your practice.

The ScanX Swift from Air Techniques offers a user friendly, complete solution for your practice.

The ScanX Swift is a chairside digital system that generates digital x-ray images in as little as 9 seconds. Once connected to a computer, users take the x-ray and place the phosphor sensor into the Swift.

The image is then displayed on the screen. The quick 9 seconds of digital developing does not disrupt treatment continuity. Besides helping to streamline workflows, ScanX Swift’s flexible phosphor sensors are designed to provide a large image area and exceptionally clear x-rays that reduce the need for retakes, while boosting diagnostic capabilities.

Here are four of the system's benefits:

1. A complete solution: Swift’s phosphor sensors are available in sizes 0, 1 and 2. The system’s cordless phosphor sensors eliminate the bulk associated with hard digital sensors and offers the ultimate in patient comfort.

They are 30 times thinner than rigid sensors, enable easy placement and help increase access to posterior regions. Swift is a complete dentistry solution with digital images that easily integrate with existing software for patient management efficiency.

2. User friendly:ScanX Swift’s digital x-ray workflow makes it easy for dentists to present cases to their patients, increases case acceptance, facilitates recordkeeping and speeds up insurance reimbursement. The scanning unit’s small footprint fits on operatory countertops. Thanks to a workflow that’s virtually identical to film-based radiography, dentists who switch to the Swift system can use the same familiar techniques while generating crisp digital images in a fraction of the time-and without costly chemicals.

3. Durable sensors: The thin, flexible and durable ScanX Swift phosphor sensors can be reused hundreds of times. They are less expensive than rigid digital sensors, yet won’t break or become damage when dropped and still require the same lower radiation as hard sensors.

5. Added plus: Featuring fast scanning and a familiar, film-like workflow, this new system expedites imaging procedures, while providing high-contrast, digital x-rays that help improve both efficiency and diagnostic utility.

Want more information? Check out this video from Air Techniques: