What’s your cosmetic dentistry growth potential? Calculate it here.

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Think your cosmetic dentistry practice is a bit stagnant lately due to the economy? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Think your cosmetic dentistry practice is a bit stagnant lately due to the economy? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Check out how you can expand your cosmetic dentistry practice with very little effort. Simply do the following calculation …

- On average how many patients do you and your hygienist see in a day?

- Multiply that number times .80

- That number represents how many patients are seen every day that have at least one tooth they do not like in size, shape or appearance.

- Multiply that number by .25 and that provides you with a conservative estimate of how many patients are willing to have a single veneer done to enhance their smile (assuming you are aware of the new EasySmile LifeLike Veneer™ system that provides an affordable, non-invasive system that blends in with the adjacent teeth).

Example: If you and your hygienist see a total of 10 patients in a day, eight patients have one tooth (or more) they would like to change in appearance.  We have seen that in offices throughout the country where I have done on-site training programs to build a dentist’s cosmetic dentistry practice. 

Conservatively speaking, 25% of those patients will immediately desire to have their smile enhanced with one veneer if the following criteria are met.  You do not have to prep their teeth; the veneer looks natural (and blends in with their adjacent teeth). It’s affordable and it can be done in one visit. This represents an additional 2 patients every day who want to have cosmetic dentistry. 

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Multiply that number by the number of days you work every week and that represents your cosmetic potential for the week. In the above example, that represents 10 additional single veneers.  Imagine how many cosmetic dentistry cases you are leaving undone because you are not offering single veneers.

Next, honestly answer the following questions: How many elective veneers did you do last week?  How many would you like to do next week? 

Suggestion: Offer patients single veneers and watch the number of patients accepting cosmetic treatment skyrocket. EasySmile makes that possible.

I understand reticence in offering single veneers. In the past single veneers were time consuming and were a challenge to create. 

The good news is that is no longer the case. There is a simple solution to single veneers without using porcelain veneers, preformed veneers or CAD/CAM

With the advanced EasySmile LifeLike Veneer™ System, placing single veneers takes only minutes today. They are stress free to create, look natural as if the patient was born with these teeth, are typically non-invasive and they are affordable to your patients while providing your practice with one of the best ROI’s in dentistry.  See examples of how this is being done by clicking here.

Tools and a complimentary training program that will help you discover patients who want to change the appearance of at least one tooth and how you can place a single veneer in minutes are described in the above link. 

If you are looking to do more bread and butter cosmetic dentistry, offer single veneers and you will find that the best cosmetic dentistry can often be the least amount of cosmetic dentistry that provides your patient with a self-confident smile in one easy visit. 

What is the actual impact of offering single veneers? 

Next month compare the number of elective cosmetic veneer cases you did last month versus what you will do next month and you will be amazed by how EasySmile LifeLike Veneers™ can re-energize your cosmetic dentistry practice.  No matter where you live.

Author’s note: Many dentists from all over the country and throughout the globe desire to incorporate EasySmile into their daily regimen; however, it is not always feasible to have an on-site training visit. As a result for a limited period of time a complimentary unique interactive hands-on training webinar will be available to dentists who want to expand their cosmetic dentistry practice with single veneers.

The training session lasts 2 – 3 hours and can be done in the comfort of your home or office. To help personalize the program the training is limited to 4 doctors per session.  Contact Dr Harvey Silverman at incrediblesmiles@aol.com and find out how you can qualify for the program.



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