GNYDM23 Product Focus: CandidPro with Kristin Lange, VP of Sales at Candid


Candid vice president of sales Kristin Lange shares what sets CandidPro clear aligners apart from other options in this video recorded from the 2023 Greater New York Dental Meeting. [2 Minutes]

Video Transcript:

Hi, everyone, my name is Kristin Lange and I'm the Vice President of Sales at Candid. So I wanted to share with you all today what makes Candid stand apart from other clear aligners on the market. So we know that dental professionals want a reliable, clear aligner that meets the needs of their practice and also drives positive patient outcomes. So we know that CandidPro does just that, and more. With our product offering, with our clinical expertise, as well as the fact that we listen to our providers and make any adjustments needed based on their feedback.

So some of the ways that we set ourselves apart is first and foremost, Candid Monitoring, free and standard with every case that goes to a patient. As well, we have a team of US licensed orthodontists standing behind every single treatment plan. And then finally, we have the marketing standing behind all of you from a support perspective, enabling you to drive business within your practice. So last but not least, I would say that we are your partner in everything that you do, we have a team of folks in the field that are there to support you with your practice, and we are the best aligner in the business.

So one of the thing that sets us apart as a company and as a team, is we have our account executives in offices day in and day out. And what our account executives and overall sales team provides is first level support for you and your practice. We help you integrate our technology. We help you streamline office workflow, and ensure that you're getting the best support necessary for you to drive CandidPro within your practice.

I will leave you with this. One of the many things that we're very proud of here at Candid is the fact that we received based on our level of support for our providers is a net promoter score score of 82 this year, and of course, we're very proud of this but we want to do this year after year we you have that commitment from us to do that. So thank you.

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