Improved Cosmetics: Dr. Harvey Silverman explains how single veneers can be easy to place

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Have you thought about doing a brief survey of your practice for patients who need single veneers? 

Have you thought about doing a brief survey of your practice for patients who need single veneers? 

Probably not since placing a single veneer is one of the most challenging restorative services. Matching the single veneer to the adjacent teeth is not easy. Quite frankly, very few of us want to take on restoring a tooth with a single veneer.

However, through anecdotal studies done by the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry we have consistently noticed that 80% of patients (yes, even in your practice) have one or more teeth they don’t like relative to its size, shape or appearance. 

That is a lot of cosmetic dentistry you are leaving untreated. 

In the past, placing single veneer restorations were the exception and not the rule because we had few desirable treatment options. 

Today, placing single veneers to expand your bread and butter cosmetic dentistry practice is simple and stress-free as a result of the new patent-pending EasySmile LifeLike Veneer™ System.

The EasySmile system opens an untapped gold mine of cosmetic possibilities once you learn how to unlock the demand. EasySmile provides you with the tools to do that. 

Regarding the system:

  • There is no lab bill.  

  • You will not need to purchase expensive equipment.  

  • There is no CAD/CAM.  

  • There are no porcelain or composite preformed veneers involved.  

It is fun to do, the veneers look natural and the cost to you and the fees to your patients are very affordable.

It literally takes two minutes to create a custom made EasySmile LifeLike Veneer™ for your patient. The entire procedure, including F&P takes 15 minutes per tooth.



The Value of Webinar Training

How do you get started placing single veneers?  Even if you are an experienced cosmetic dentist the easiest way is to take the EasySmile hands-on training webinar.  As the name implies, this program goes beyond the scope of a conventional webinar.  You actually do “hands-on training” and create single veneers in the comfort of your practice or at home. 

As one dentist recently wrote to me:

“Webinar training can be very helpful to anyone who’s time and resources are limited, and let’s be real isn’t everyone’s time and resources limited. This can allow people to see new techniques being used to treat real patients in real time without having to incur the cost of traveling all over the world, spending multiple days in hotels and giving up multiple days form treating patients in their offices and the associated lost revenues. Good technologies should enhance the users life while reducing costs which webinars do, so they should be incorporated into everyone’s continuing education experience.”

I understand and agree with that assessment. My response was that there are times when a "hands-on" educational piece truly enhances the learning experience-which is hard to do in a webinar format. And that's the benefit of a hands-on training webinar.

The doctor's confidence / comfort level is higher with respect to delivering a new technology (as a result from the hands-on training)-and the patient is the beneficiary.

All webinars are limited to a maximum of four doctors to personalize the training.  At the end of the 2 to 3 hour session you will have created single veneers, learned “no selling” cosmetic dentistry marketing tools that will create demand for your services-and you will have confidence to take on challenging single veneer cases that you once avoided.

The hands-on training webinar is free when you order 6 kits (cost is $50 per kit to place up to 2 veneers = $25/veneer). This savings allows your fees to be very affordable yet your ROI will actually be higher than with other veneers. That is a win-win scenario for your practice and your patients.

Check out to find examples of how EasySmile LifeLike Veneers benefit your patients as well as your practice.


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