Solve My Problem: UltraPro Tx Sweep – Sweeping up prophy efficiency

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2020, Volume 54, Issue 3

Information provided by Ultradent Products.

The Problem

Prophy paste can splatter when being applied, creating a mess and wasting material

This splatter not only causes clinicians to use extra prophy paste during each appointment, but it can also obscure the working area, reducing a clinician’s efficiency.

The Solution

Ultrapro™ Tx Sweep™

  • The innovative brush guard features flexible bristles designed to reduce splatter and prevent saliva from collecting and roping around the cup

  • In testing, the disposable prophy angles reduced splatter by up to 95 percent

  • The brush is designed to sweep paste and saliva back toward the patient’s tooth allowing clinicians to continue working and reducing the number of stops needed to refill the prophy cup with paste

  • The Sweep angles feature the same benefits as other Ultrapro Tx prophy angles, such as advanced internal blade design and outer ridges for enhanced interproximal cleaning

  • The ergonomically shaped prophy angles are available in soft or rm cup designs, feature a short head and thin neck for enhanced access and visibility, and are made without the use of any rubber latex


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