Solve My Problem: A non-prescription option for dry mouth sufferers

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2020, Volume 54, Issue 3

The GUM® Hydral™ Dry Mouth Relief line provides all-day, all-night relief for xerostomia.

Information provided by Sunstar America, Inc. 


The Problem

Most dry mouth sufferers have been searching for a multi-symptom relief option

82 percent of xerostomia sufferers wish they had a better treatment option for their dry mouth*

The Solution

GUM® Hydral Dry Mouth Relief

  • Provides a complete, non-prescription solution for all-day/all-night relief

  • A reported 70 percent of dry mouth sufferers who tried GUM Hydral in a consumer research study reported it is better than their current dry mouth remedies**

  • The only dry mouth formula with a unique combination of ingredients, including hyaluronic acid*** and three other advanced moisturizing and hydrating ingredients

  • Ingredients work like natural saliva to relieve multiple xerostomia symptoms and provide deep moisturizing relief at the tissue level, soothing oral mucosa

  • Proven to provide patients with immediate and long-lasting relief up to 4 hours

  • Sugar-free formula with gentle mint flavor and improved taste

  • Suitable for those with allergies as it does not contain milk or egg

  • Free samples available at the manufacturer’s website

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*Source: Gallup Study of Dry Mouth, 2017
**Source: Sunstar DOF-0026
***As sodium hyaluronate