A breakthrough approach to salivary screening for dentists

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2020
Volume 54
Issue 3

SillHa Oral Wellness System technology allows easy testing of patient’s saliva, providing a quick clinical measurement of tooth health, gum health, and oral cleanliness.

A simple saliva test yielding quick results-with an easy-to-understand, multi-point analysis-while providing opportunities for preventive or corrective care before signs of disease appear seems aspirational-until now.

The SillHa Oral Wellness System quickly and efficiently provides dentists and oral health professionals the ability to clinically test their patient’s saliva to complement an overall assessment of the patient’s oral health.

SillHa helps doctors easily measure three important oral health components, including the patient’s overall tooth health, gum health, and oral cleanliness.

With a small saliva sample, SillHa provides an objective measurement of key components of saliva that have been used to show an increased risk to develop caries-tooth decay-and periodontal disease.

Through the test, doctors can see if patients are at an increased risk for developing caries and periodontal disease. Using the dual reflectance method, SillHa measures the reactivity from a saliva sample applied to a test strip, and results can provide otherwise invisible information-the activity of bacteria, acidity, and presence of inflammatory markers.

Erinne Kennedy, DMD, MPH, MMSc, a partner at Alliance Dental Center in Quincy, Mass., practicing since 2015, has used SillHa since 2019. 

“I jumped on board and was really excited to use it because this salivary technology and evaluation solution can be used chairside,” she said. “It is efficient for my busy practice, and has been easy to adapt, implement, and use during patient appointments.”

Dr. Kennedy’s staff tests each patient’s saliva using SillHa, about 150 per month, during each appointment, primarily as disease control, prevention, and treatment.

The system is easy to operate and minimizes workflow disruption. It measures seven items in one test in five minutes chairside during the patient’s appointment, so results are available almost immediately. The system is also compact and lightweight and can be used in small spaces.

The reports generated are visually appealing to support patient education and conversations about oral health.

“Patients with no sign of disease or symptoms of pain or discomfort usually think they are healthy, but the salivary data collected by SillHa technology helps us gain a view into the things in the mouth that may be changing or in some cases unhealthy,” she said.

This view into the mouth is especially crucial for patients who are undergoing physical changes, like pregnancy, or for those who are taking medications, so that patients and providers can identify the first signals of the disease process.

In one patient, a pregnant woman who had no history of restoration, Dr. Kennedy used the SillHa Oral Wellness System and found the patient’s saliva indicated she may be at risk for unhealthy oral health conditions during the pregnancy. Because of the test results, Dr. Kennedy responded with care and prevention before any long-term damage was done to the patient.

Erinne Kennedy, DMD, MPH, MMSc, a partner at Alliance Dental Center in Quincy, Mass.,

“A patient’s current condition or season of life can change, but we can now identify any changes in their saliva, even before there is evidence of the initial signs of disease,” Dr. Kennedy said.

Patient response is overwhelmingly positive. “Our patients are obsessed with this,” Dr. Kennedy said. “I haven’t had a patient that doesn’t love having a saliva test.”

Because of patient response to the tests, she now uses saliva to engage patients more, which-along with the results-helps them feel empowered and that they are taking proactive steps to improve and maintain their health, she said. 

By using this technology regularly, Dr. Kennedy says her patients even request the saliva tests and are excited to see their results.

“They want the data to track themselves and to hold themselves accountable for their health,” she said. “Saliva is a reflection of what’s going on in our bodies, and understanding the role of saliva is vital to understanding a patient’s overall health.”

SillHa™ Oral Wellness System 

SillHa for use by dentists and other oral health professionals complements clinical assessment of their patient’s oral health. SillHa provides clinical measurements in three areas; tooth health, gum health and oral cleanliness. With a small saliva sample, it provides an objective measurement of key components of saliva that have been used to show an increased risk to develop caries and periodontal disease.


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