Solve My Problem: Protecting the integrity of the restoration and the tooth-restoration interface

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2020, Volume 54, Issue 3

Information provided by Nobio.

The Problem: 

Degradation can occur at the tooth-restoration interface

Additionally, as bacteria creates an acidic environment, it leads to demineralization, loss of tooth surface, and resultant carious lesions.

The Solution: 

Infinix™ Flowable Composite and Bulk Fill Flow Composite

  • Nobio’s QASi particle technology consists of antimicrobial, filler particles that can be incorporated into resin-based materials and stay within the polymerized matrix after light curing. The non-soluble antimicrobial effect is exerted only upon contact between the bacteria and the polymerized material, and is not dependent on release, so it doesn’t fade away or impact the oral flora  

  • Nobio’s QASi particle technology  protects the integrity of the restoration and the tooth-restoration interface 

  • The Nobio QASi particle technology kills microbes indefinitely. The effectiveness of other antimicrobial technologies which dissolve or  leach, will fade over time 

  • The Nobio QASi particle technology provides protection at the cavity-restoration micro-gaps, which is a gateway for cariogenic pathogens. This may lessen the recurrent caries risk and minimize technique-sensitive posterior restoration procedures 

  • The Nobio QASi particles act only by direct contact between the microorganism and the restoration material, thus not affecting the microbiota (normal flora) of the oral cavity

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