Solve My Problem: An endodontic system designed to preserve healthy tooth structure

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report August 2020
Volume 54
Issue 8

The TruNatomy system includes all the instruments and materials necessary to complete root canal treatment while respecting the natural anatomy of the canal system.

Information provided by Dentsply Sirona.

The Problem

Root canal treatment is designed to save teeth but often requires the removal of healthy tooth structure

Gaining access to and cleaning a root canal often requires removing healthy tooth structure and even reshaping the path of the canal prior to obturation.

The Solution



  • A complete endodontic instrument system that includes intuitive files with an Orifice Modifier, a Glider and a single shaping file, with additional shaping files for large or small canals, as well as corresponding paper points, Gutta-Percha points and GuttaCore obturators, as well as a flexible irrigation needle
  • The system is designed to create shapes well-suited for irrigation while maintaining structural integrity and tooth integrity
  • The flexible and bendable NiTi files feature off-center cross sections and are thin at just 0.8 mm with extended 9.5 mm handles for enhanced posterior access
  • All shaping files feature the same coronal diameter, reducing the need for excessive coronal tissue removal
  • The matching irrigation and obturation solutions make it possible to clean and obturate the slim canal preparations
  • All instruments are pre-sterilized and packaged in ready-to-use blister packs

Dentsply Sirona


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