Solve My Problem: A handpiece that redefines safety without surrendering power

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report July 2020, Volume 54, Issue 7

The contra-angle EVO.15 from Bien-Air is designed to raise performance standards without compromising patient safety.

The Problem

The FDA has reported a rise in patient injuries due to overheated handpieces

Contact between the pushbutton and the patient’s cheek can cause serious burns, potentially resulting in legal consequences.

The Solution

EVO.15 L contra-angle handpiece

  • Fitted with an anti-retraction valve that stops fluid retraction from the oral cavity into non-sterilizable dental handpiece tubing and water lines. This valve in the body of the handpiece can be autoclaved to reduce cross-contamination
  • Accu-Chuck PreciPlus bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism assures a staunch clamping of the bur, eliminating all vibrations, and granting the handpiece stability and comfort
  • Bur-release is made quick and safe, thanks to a unique Soft Push™ system
  • CoolTouch+ heat-arresting technology offers heat-arresting properties thanks to an alumina bead and a thermally-insulated ceramic push-button. This technology exhibits a safe temperature of the handpiece’s head
  • Accu-Spray Quattro Mix with dualook illumination converges four asymmetrical laser-precise air/water sprays onto the tip of the bur for rapid and even cooling of the operative field
  • Its miniature shockproof head is designed to facilitate maneuverability, posterior access, and pediatric use

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