A single, adaptable fiber post for every clinical situation

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report July 2020, Volume 54, Issue 7

The Splendor – SAP (Single Adjustable Post) single fiberglass post system from Angelus is designed for minimally invasive procedures, as well providing optimal mechanical interlock.

The Problem

Most posts require additional or excess removal of internal dentin, in order to fit a parallel post

Additionally, parallel posts can only fit in the coronal area; most tapered, pointed posts only fit well in the apical area. To accommodate all the many various configurations of root canal treatments, the dentist is compelled to keep 3 to 6 sizes of posts (and corresponding drills) to meet each clinical challenge.

The Solution

  • One narrow (0.65 mm at apical tip, 1.0 mm and coronal end) UNIVERSAL, end-tapered post size to fit the modern, conservative RCTs at the apical area: Usually this is achieved without drilling
  • When the resulting space is flared, there is a shaping drill and a corresponding conical/ tapered (0.08) sleeve, which slides in over the Universal post
  • Each post comes with a sleeve, made of the same high-performance fiber-reinforced composite as the post (Flexural Strength: 1,200 MPa)
  • The sleeve displaces the cement, for a stronger restoration
  • This allows the dental practice to minimize their inventory—one post for every situation
  • Only use the drill and sleeve when needed
  • Low Elastic Modulus to help avoid root fracture, esthetic and radiopaque

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