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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report July 2020
Volume 54
Issue 7

Partnering with SleepArchiTx and the company’s turnkey sleep solutions helps Columbus dentist Susan K. Wilson, DDS, help her patients with more than just their dental health issues.


As a dentist in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, for more than three decades, Susan K. Wilson, DDS, is always looking for new ways to help care for her patients. She currently practices with her daughter, Maurina L. Brooks, DDS, at Hot Smile Dental and Heavenly Sleep Center as the first black mother-daughter dental practice in the Ohio capital.

Susan K. Wilson, DDS

Susan K. Wilson, DDS

A general dentist who also spent 10 years as a clinical instructor at her alma mater The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Wilson says she began offering sleep services around 5 years ago to help her aging patients manage some of the co-morbidities they were developing.

“I began to search out more answers as to why this was occurring and how I could better serve them,” she says. “I decided to take new sleep courses that were being offered at conventions.”

After taking several courses and feeling ready to provide sleep services to her patients, Wilson said she was all set to partner with one sleep company, but she changed her mind at the last minute and instead decided to work with SleepArchiTx as her preferred sleep partner because she liked the company’s philosophies and treatment methods.

“I have not regretted that decision. Their knowledge and dedication is unparalleled in the field of sleep medicine,” she adds.


Designed to be a turnkey solution to help dental practices provide sleep medicine to patients, this 360° solution includes a sleep medicine education curriculum, diagnosis through board-certified sleep doctors, treatment planning, a wide selection of sleep appliance design and fabrication, medical billing assistance, and individualized support. The system is designed to get any practice up to speed with sleep medicine.



SleepArchiTx provides dental practices with a turnkey system for providing sleep solutions to patients. The solution includes access to board-certified sleep physicians who work on the diagnostics, while also providing access to a portfolio of sleep appliances to meet different clinical needs, as well as billing assistance to make sure dental practices are compensated properly for their work. Sleep medicine education, training, and support are also parts of the turnkey solution.

After educating herself on dental sleep diagnostics and treatment, and selecting SleepArchiTx as her partner, integrating sleep services into her practice was relatively simple. Wilson says having medical research and billing integrated into the SleepArchiTx program is a huge advantage, she liked the remote, video conference training for her and her staff, and has continuously been impressed by the way the SleepArchiTx staff is available to answer her questions.

Today, with so many patients of all ages exhibiting some symptoms of a sleep disorder, her practice conducts sleep screenings during routine dental examinations. When a patient’s sleep score is high enough to warrant follow-up, they recommend a sleep study, which is usually conducted at the patient’s home.

These studies are organized through SleepArchiTx and the results are interpreted by their board-certified sleep physicians. Wilson and SleepArchiTx then prepare the case presentation with her recommendation of the ideal treatment option for that patient. Once the patient accepts the treatment plan, SleepArchiTx fabricates and delivers the appliance to her practice so she can provide it to the patient.

By partnering with SleepArchiTx, Wilson says she’s been able to enhance the care she provides to patients, and to treat more than just their dental health issues. Wilson says she enjoys having options for her patients, and she likes being able to provide appliances to help patients who have been unable to manage their sleep issues with other medical devices, such as a CPAP machine.

“We can give the patient more options to decide on how best to treat their particular sleep disorder,” she says.

Saying she’s been completely satisfied working with SleepArchiTx, Wilson says her patients generally feel the same way about their oral sleep appliances. Getting an improved night’s sleep can help people in a number of ways with one patient who couldn’t tolerate a CPAP describing her new sleep appliance as “convenient” and “the best thing ever!”

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