New RVG 6500 intraoral sensor adds wireless functionality

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The RVG 6500 intraoral sensor from Carestream Dental features wireless radiography capabilities and iPad integration.

The RVG 6500 intraoral sensor from Carestream Dental features wireless radiography capabilities and iPad integration.

They say an artist is only as good as his tools. Dentistry, perhaps, is not so different. Our Pittsburgh area practice, The Oakland Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, has always placed value on our technology. So when we began using the RVG 6500 System from Carestream Dental as our intraoral sensor, we understood the potential of wireless radiography. The RVG 6500 has changed our practice for the better in more ways than one.

Because of our belief that technology strengthens the practitioner’s capabilities, we are usually early adopters of the systems that help our practice operate in a smarter way. We began working with sensors in 1994. Prior to implementing the RVG 6500 in our practice, we used its wired predecessor, the RVG 6100. While both offer the benefit of best-in-class image quality, the RVG 6500 adds the distinctions of wireless functionality and iPad® integration.

Our practice’s new patient protocol requires that we obtain copies of any images acquired within the past five years as well as conduct our own screening, which includes taking a pan with our CS 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System and capturing necessary bitewings with our RVG 6500. We may also take periapicals or a CBCT image as needed. Our image acquisition capabilities dictate our ability to intake, diagnose, treat and ultimately retain new patients, who are the lifeblood of any dental practice.

Being at the forefront of imaging technology allows my practice countless benefits:

Wireless capability
The RVG 6500 is wireless, which makes a difference in the way we work. There are no wires strung throughout the examination rooms, and operating a wireless radiography system means we can move the sensors from one examination room to another with ease, while transferring images to computers without workflow interruptions.

Unlike other wireless systems, the RVG 6500 offers film-quality intraoral radiographs and rapid image acquisition, and if Electronic Health Records ever become a mandatory consideration for dental practitioners, the system operates within compliance standards.

Quality and speed
The heart of any imaging technology is its quality. The RVG 6500 produces the high-quality images my practice requires for diagnostic confidence. With >20 lp/mm resolution per image, the system offers the highest image resolution in the industry-the same image quality as top quality dental film. Our RVG sensors generate exceptionally detailed, crystal-clear intraoral images every time we use them. The speed of our intraoral imaging is also beneficial. Because the system is digital, there is no waiting for film to develop, and images are ready in just a couple of seconds. Nothing is more precious than time, and because of the wireless digital imaging capabilities of the RVG 6500, we’ve reduced the average image acquisition time.

iPad integration
A little “wow factor” never hurts a practice. When I sit down with patients to discuss their diagnoses and treatment options, I can display and reference their diagnostic images chairside on an iPad. It always makes an impression. Beyond the excitement patients express with interactivity, the RVG 6500’s iPad integration helps to increase case acceptance. Patients like to interact with their images and understand what doctors look at as we diagnose. iPad integration captures patients’ attention, generates participation and helps to extend their dental IQs.

All of these behaviors help improve case acceptance and strengthen the bond between doctor and patient. There is perhaps no better tool on the market today than iPad-integrated applications for reaching patients on their level, and connecting the processes we have in place with patients’ desire to understand their oral health.

Caries detection
Another benefit we’ve enjoyed is the cross-functionality of Carestream Dental products and software, which are designed to work in concert with one another. For instance, when combined with Logicon Caries Detector™ software, the RVG 6500 helps our practice find and diagnose interproximal caries more effectively. The software analyzes tooth density and demineralization patterns on our digital radiographs and correlates them with a database of known caries problems. In doing so, we can highlight possible abnormalities on digital dental radiographs, which signal that we should take a closer look at the tooth and surface involved.

We use this functionality with both our RVG 6100 and RVG 6500 sensors. It’s priceless technology, not only as a digital second opinion, but also as an educational tool. We often use the caries detection software in front of both patients and our team to help teach about detection, hygiene and proper care.

Of course, there’s no replacement for professional skill, care and judgment. Detection technology should never replace clinical evaluation. Yet, our customers learn about their teeth in new and interactive ways, our team gains greater insight into caries detection, and our practice is stronger because we embrace technology and find solutions that make a difference.

Customer retention and satisfaction
Through all of the technological changes, one thing has remained a mainstay during my four decades of service at The Oakland Center for Cosmetic Dentistry- a commitment to world-class treatment. Technology assists us in providing excellent care, and our patients respond with positive feedback, tremendous return and referral business, and an ongoing commitment to their own oral health.

Systems like the RVG 6500 do a lot for our office, our workflow, our treatment of oral health issues, chairside interactions and case acceptance. Simply put, there isn’t a dental practice in the country that shouldn’t consider using the RVG 6500 and its complementary systems.

Dentists are blessed to be in a wonderful profession, delivering impactful health services for our patients. Even in my fourth decade of service, I still look forward to making a complete and thorough diagnosis in every patient’s oral health and rehabilitation. Technology like the RVG 6500 sensor has assisted me to that end. But beyond all of the internal and practice-focused benefits, our ongoing commitment to technology has brought us customer retention, satisfaction and happy, healthy smiles. 

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