Product Review: Kerr Corp.'s OptiBond XTR

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2012-10-01, Issue 10

One clinician’s view on Kerr Corporation’s OptiBond XTR universal adhesive.

One clinician’s view on Kerr Corporation’s OptiBond XTR universal adhesive.

As a longtime dentist who now is involved in clinical research, product evaluations and lecturing, Dr. Michael DiTolla has tested and used all sorts of dental materials. As he became more and more fond of working with self-etch products, the California dentist was hoping to some day come across one such product that he could use for everything. Thanks to Kerr’s OptiBond XTR, Dr. DiTolla’s wishes have been granted.

Why did you first start using OptiBond XTR?
As I’ve progressively moved closer to using exclusively self-etch products, I’ve wanted one that has universal applications to simplify our bonding protocols, and OptiBond XTR fills that void. I get the low post-op sensitivity of a self-etch system combined with the bond strength of a 2-bottle system.

What benefits does this product provide you while treating patients?
The fact that Optibond XTR adhesive bonds to zirconia is a huge step forward for dentists wanting to bond BruxZir crowns into place. The GPDM monomer in the adhesive has phosphates that helps any resin cement, such as NX3, bond to the zirconia material.

What do you like most about OptiBond XTR?
As I have looked for ways to minimize post-operative sensitivity in all my restorations, I have enough confidence in Optibond XTR to even use it on some porcelain veneer cases where I was not able to use minimal prep veneers, and had to prep into the dentin. I never thought I would be able to use a self-etch bonding agent on a prepped veneer case, and it’s high bond strengths to uncut enamel allow me to use it on minimal prep veneers as well.

Would you encourage other doctors who aren’t using this product to give it a try?
I would strongly recommend this for any dentist who is looking to simplify their bonding protocol and wants to master one product, and with the successful long-term track record of OptiBond (I started using it in 1995), you know it’s a proven product. The fact that is also acts a silane to cement or bond BruxZir crowns is just icing on the cake!