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With more than 400 booths to check out at the Moscone Center, Dental Products Report presents Ones to Watch to help you prioritize your tradeshow tour. These companies all have a new product or special promotion worth your attention.

With more than 400 booths to check out at the Moscone Center, Dental Products Report presents Ones to Watch to help you prioritize your tradeshow tour. These companies all have a new product or special promotion worth your attention.

   Ones to Watch @ ADA '12   



3Shape showcased the TRIOS® intraoral scanner at the International Dental Society’s (IDS) meeting in Cologne, Germany spring of 2011. Editors from Dental Products Report were present and recounted the crowds standing around to watch live demos in action.

As 3Shape prepares for the impending U.S. launch of TRIOS®, the timing is right to get a better sense of how this technology can have an impact on your practice. This fall, they are bringing the excitement stateside. What started with a live demonstration in New York this September will continue with several live events and exhibitions throughout the fall (full schedule available at You’ll certainly want to see this impressive digital impression solution in use.



Packed with one BIOLASE-exclusive feature after another, the new EPIC sets a new standard in diode laser performance and value.

A breakthrough graphical touchscreen put 20 soft tissue procedures – plus 20-minute full mouth whitening and FDA-cleared temporary pain relief – at your fingertips. Plus, new ComfortPulse modes reduce pulse length to as little as one ten-millionth of a second to avoid heat build-up at the surgical site for fast cutting with less patient discomfort.

All in one of the most affordable systems around. 
ADA Booth # 2126


Tokuyama Dental America Inc.

Estelite Flow Quick and High Flow PLT
With optimal flowability utilizing 100% spherical fillers, the new Estelite Flow Quick® and High Flow offer versatility and strength in one. It’s the ideal solution for a wide variety of cases including direct anterior and posterior restorations, shallow tunnel preps, cavity lining, blocking undercuts, and the repair of porcelain or composite. The new unit-dose dispensing system is uniquely comfortable, quick and easy to load, and offers isolated lining to targeted areas.


Garrison Dental Solutions

Composi-Tight® 3D XR™
The latest innovation in sectional matrix systems, the Composi-Tight© 3D XR™ Sectional Matrix Ring is an ultra-retentive matrix ring designed for use with short or malpositioned teeth, including areas between the canine and first bicuspid.  The enhanced, Soft Face™ silicone ensures true matrix band adaptation which reduces both flash and finishing time, while improving contacts.  In addition, the dynamic tip angle allows for proper tip alignment with the buccal and lingual surfaces for precise adaptation.  While the 3D XR ring was designed for use with difficult dentition, clinicians will find that it works exceptionally well with standard height teeth. With Composi-Tight 3D XR, clinicians will experience consistent adaptation, easy placement over the wedge and, most importantly, no more “spring-offs” to interrupt restorative procedures.
ADA Booth # 601, 2219 and 6156

Parkell Inc.

DryZ™ Retraction Paste DryZ™ Retraction Paste is terrific for use alone or in conjunction with retraction cord and compression caps.  DryZ stops gingival bleeding and seepage from gingival crevicular fluid that may interfere with impression taking.  DryZ is not only fast-acting, but it’s also said to be just a fraction of the cost of all other retraction materials on the market. The light green color of DryZ contrasts nicely with gingiva, blood and tooth structure, making it easy to detect where the material has been placed. DryZ is also easily removed with an air/water syringe and leaves no residue to interfere with impressions or seating of restorations. DryZ also is great for tissue management when you’re seating restorations, placing rubber dams, bleaching teeth and restoring subgingival cavities.  It controls seepage that may contaminate a sensitive, restorative material, allowing you to do optimal restorative dentistry.

Isolite Systems

Isolite Systems Dental Isolation
Better Isolation means better dentistry! Isolite and Isodry dental isolation systems are easy-to-use, proven alternatives to traditional methods of isolation. Isolite Systems give you the ability to control the oral environment, including the level of moisture and suction ­­- virtually eliminating contamination in your work area. Only Isolite Systems provides a full suite of morphologically and anatomically correct mouthpieces designed to fit a wide range of patients – from small child to large adult - so that you can have easy, effective isolation for every procedure. This award-winning technology has been named one of the “50 Greatest Game-Changers in Dentistry.” See a live demo at ADA booth #708.
ADA Booth #708

Harry J. Bosworth Co.

AEGIS Liner, AEGIS V, Prophy Powder, ProphyBrite AEGIS Liner with ACP is a light-cured resin with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) formulated cavity liner/ base material. It is easy to apply and will chemically bond to all adhesives and composites. // AEGIS V is an ACP-filled restorative, light-cured material specifically designed for Class V restorations. It provides controlled placement for increased patient comfort and effortless application. Available in four shades: A1, A2, A3.5, and B1. // Intended for use with air prophylaxis cleaning units, this sodium bicarbonate prophy powder is less abrasive than prophy paste when used to remove stubborn stains, plaque and soft debris from enamel. Available in six delicious flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Grape and Spearmint. // The ProphyBrite air polishing unit is designed to provide quick, gentle patient care. It delivers a fine sodium bicarbonate and water slurry for easy removal of plaque and stains. Ideal for preparing teeth prior to placement of orthodontic brackets, sealants, bleaching, and fluoride treatments, the unit is easy to install, lightweight, and portable.

Danville Materials

Turbo Temp 3
Featuring a special “buy one, get one free” deal only at their booth at the 2012 ADA meeting, Danville Materials’ new Turbo Temp 3 temporary crown and bridge material offers a 10:1 stronger formula at 30% less of the cost of similar products. Stain resistant and available in multiple shades, the product offers optimal fit and esthetics.
ADA Booth #1321 and 6801





The new BIOX is a lightweight, easy-to-operate, FDA-approved portable X-Ray unit. BIOX is only 4.8 lbs., making it the lightest portable x-ray unit in the market. The battery pack is separated from the main body to minimize the strain on the operator’s arms and shoulders. Pre-programmed exposure time makes the operation fast, and simple up and down arrows allows users to adjust exposure time setting by 0.01 seconds. Micro-computer and specialized circuit monitors precisely regulate the exposure technique factors. BIOX’s zero-leakage design with increased internal shielding makes it safe and protects the operator from radiation.
ADA Booth # for Innoden Dealers: 5144 and 5374



The new DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™ is perfect for reliable, high strength cementation with the clean-up you’ve been looking for! It’s extremely high, consistent degree of conversion in both self-cured and light-cured modes, is required by today’s stronger restorations. In addition, DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™ has low film thickness to assist in effective seating, is very easy to clean-up, and offers diagnostic radiopacity for that perfect margin. Unique to DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™ is it’s 2 esthetic shades, Universal and Milky White. Universal shade can be used for most restorations while the Milky White shade can be used to mask darker tooth preparations. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™ has been maximized to reduce its sensitivity to operatory and curing lights resulting in a longer gel phase and ease of use to cement all restorative options.

Air Techniques

Spectra Caries Detection Aid
A recipient of the Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Award three years in a row, Spectra Caries Detection Aid is recently revamped, with a sleek new design and 120° button ring for added comfort. Known to help avoid unnecessary excavation while boosting case acceptance, Spectra is the only detection aid that has both color and numerical indicators of the precise amount of decay.  ADA Booth #414

Essentials Dental Systems

Special promotion on endodontic products
Known as the “endodontic specialists,” Essential Dental Systems (EDS) is running endodontic specials at the ADA. The Endodontic Intro Instrumentation Special allows dental professionals to purchase an Endo-Express intro kit and receive a FREE EZ-Fill Obturation Kit (EDS Item No. 1600-00 or 1620-00), OR purchase an five SafeSider refill kits and receive a FREE Stainless Steel Refill.
ADA Booth #413





Ivoclar Vivadent

Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill & Bluephase Style
Create the most efficient posterior system possible by using Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill nano-hybrid composite and Bluephase Style LED curing light in tandem. Special promotions at the ADA meeting make that increasingly possible. Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill allows clinicians to bulk fill up to 4mm increments, sculpt without a “cap” and cure in just 10 seconds. Dentists who purchase three refills of Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill get one free. Those who purchase a Bluephase Style get one Multilink Automix System Pack OR four refills of Ivoclar Vivadent composite (any combination of brands).
ADA Booth #1226


Vista Research Group LLC

Designed with versatility in mind, the VistaPure provides dental offices with two grades of water-distilled quality water for sterilizers and non-corrosive water for filling dental bottles. VistaPure’s convenient sink-mounted faucet and handheld wand makes dispensing water a snap and eliminates the need to buy, store, lift and pour heavy water jugs. The replaceable filters are long-lasting and the system requires virtually no maintenance. VistaPure’s slim profile enables it to fit into your existing cabinetry and leaves plenty of room for storage.
ADA Booth #1812





Gendex Dental Systems

GXDP-700 Series - Pan. Ceph. 3D.
The dynamic GXDP-700 Series starts with a digital panoramic system with sophisticated styling and an ergonomic design including an advanced touchscreen interface.

This imaging solution is a modular system, upgradable from 2D panoramic to Cephalometrics or 3D Cone Beam with expandable field-of-views, or both. As you need it, increase your imaging capabilities to complement general preventative care, extractions, implants, endodontics, and orthodontics.

The system also provides the options doctors need to manage dose by taking radiographs that are tailored to body size, image type, and even pinpointing the area of interest using 2D and 3D region-specific scan options. You have the freedom to upgrade on your timeline and within your budget for seamless and affordable expansion.


Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush & Soft-Picks
Technique Deep Clean is the toothbrush features a handle designed to help patients hold the brush the way most dentists and dental hygienists do – at a 45° angle. Whether left- or right-handed, brushing upper or lower teeth, the handle intuitively helps patients get to the angle that cleans away the dental plaque from gums and teeth. Second, the bristles feature a fine taper that enables the ‘Deep Clean’. The fine bristle ends are narrower and more flexible so they can reach into the crevices between the gum and the tooth, as well as between the teeth themselves, to reach the disease-causing germs that other brushes leave behind.  Comfortable and easy to use, GUM® Soft-Picks® dislodge food, remove plaque and massage gums.
ADA Booth #6060




DentiMax 2013
The release of DentiMax 2013 includes includes innovations in paperless, digital imaging, scheduling and reporting technology not found in other systems. Here are details on some of the most noteworthy features… Electronic Prescription Writing: Electronically send any prescription via the Internet, including mobile phones, to the pharmacist and have access to formularies (what drugs are covered by what plans), drug interactions, allergy interactions, disease interactions, renewal request from the pharmacy, and two year medication history of anything the patient has ever taken. Online Eligibility: Verify your patients’ “live” insurance eligibility status and benefits directly from their scheduled appointment. Tight NEA Fast Attach Integration: Dramatically reduce insurance payment time by electronically submitting x-ray, perio and other insurance claim attachments. There are numerous other features that the company believes helps take its software to a whole new level..
ADA Booth #5977


Mr. Thirsty™
Recently introduced, Mr. Thirsty™ attaches directly into the HVE and retracts the tongue and cheek from folding in or laying over the work area, while removing fluids and debris. When the device is in use, the assistant is able to perform other tasks in the operatory, such as seating patients or taking x-rays. Hygienists can reportedly work during prophies and root planings without interruption to use the saliva ejector. The device is portable and available in a variety of kits.
ADA Booth #5610

Align Technologies

Invisalign and iTero
Digital impression technology is gaining ground on conventional VPS impression taking as dental professionals realize the benefits inherent to a digital platform. This has proven especially helpful in the workflow for clear aligners. Align Technology has the total package with both the iTero scanning device and Invisalign system. Powered by a breakthrough technology in imaging, iTero delivers exceptional image accuracy. As a result, seating appointments are 22% shorter and restorations fit properly 99.5% of the time, virtually eliminating remakes. The Invisalign system offers a variety of treatment options, including Invisalign Full, Invisalign Assist, Invisalign Express 10, Invisalign Express 5 and Invisalign Teen.
ADA Booth #5534

Kerr Corporation

Winner of the Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Award for a second consecutive year, the SonicFill bulk fill dental composite system enables clinicians to change the way they place direct posterior restorations. Sonic activation transforms a highly filled, low shrinkage composite into a flowable material facilitating superior cavity adaptation that allows a clinician to go from placement to a polished restoration in less than 3 minutes on cavities up to 5mm.
ADA Booth #935

Imaging Sciences Int'l

TxSTUDIO with award-winning i-CAT
Imaging Sciences International is pleased to announce the release of Tx STUDIO, now fully integrated into i-CAT® Next Generation™ and i-CAT® Precise™ systems. This powerful software creates the opportunity for general dentists and specialists alike to take advantage of i-CAT’s award-winning 3D imaging with comprehensive treatment planning tools for implants, airway, TMD, orthodontics, and a myriad of surgical procedures.

It is the only software to be bundled with a CBCT system that does everything from diagnostics to implant and orthodontic treatment planning. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Tx STUDIO delivers uniquely comprehensive tools covering treatments from Implants to Orthodontics. With its wide selection of treatment-planning features, Tx STUDIO is a key part of the i-CAT cone beam 3D systems which are known for their unparalleled clinical and dose control, as well as the industry’s fastest workflow.
ADA Booth #1026

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