How x-tra base takes the guess work out of placing bulk filled materials

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Issue 3

A Q&A with William Paveletz, DMD Clinical Educator for VOCO AMERICA.

A Q&A with William Paveletz, DMD Clinical Educator for VOCO AMERICA.

Q: What is the most frequent question you hear from dentists?

A: The biggest concern I hear with regards to bulk filled composites is, “Can they trust the material’s stability once it is polymerized?”

Unfortunately, many materials in this category could not be cured in large increments, could not withstand intense posterior occlusal forces, and had higher shrinkage levels than advertised. One or all of these factors leads to failed restorations.

Q: How does your product seek to answer that question?

A: x-tra base and x-tra fil take the guess work out of placing bulk filled materials. The chemistry is based on state-of-the-art multi-hybrid technology. By optimizing the filler sizes, shrinkage and shrinkage stress is significantly reduced, which allows for thicker layer placements. The filling in one increment will minimize the incorporation of voids between the layers. Materials with greater flow capabilities will seal the margins of the prep.

x-tra base

A fast setting bulk fill posterior composite, x-tra base allows curing of 4 mm layers in only 10 seconds when using the universal shade. The 75% filled material has a low shrinkage stress and low shrinkage combined with high compressive strength (350 MPa) and flexural strength (133 MPa).

It can be used in the open and closed sandwich technique, features a self-leveling effect for easy adaptation to cavity walls and is highly radiopaque.

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Q: How is your product leading the way for innovation in this category?

A: One example: VOCO incorporated an initiating system for photo polymerization, allowing up to 4 mm increments of material to be safely cured in only 10 seconds. This quick curing time has very limited effect on the polymerization shrinkage of the restoration. This reduced shrinkage stress in the material leads to the building block for a durable and marginally sound final restoration.


x-tra base

Q&A with William Paveletz, DMD Clinical Educator for VOCO AMERICA VOCO AMERICA


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