Product Review: One doctor's take on Johnson-Promident's single use diamond composite polisher

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-03-01
Issue 3

We give you an inside look at this polisher and why one dentist loves it above all others.

We give you an inside look at this polisher and why one dentist loves it above all others.

Earlier this year, Johnson-Promident released a new single use diamond composite polisher.

The company’s carbide and diamond burs are reportedly made from the finest quality materials and are manufactured to the highest international standards.  Johnson-Promident carries 500 different carbide and diamond burs, with a full range of shapes, sizes and grits to accommodate individual preferences and cover a multitude of applications.  

Johnson-Promident’s new Finishing and Polishing Instruments are also designed and manufactured to consistently deliver the best performance and durability, including products that use the newest technologies in composite polishers. 

In light of the launch, the DPR editorial team spoke with one of the first users of the diamond composite polishers, Dr. Monica Barrera of New City, N.Y.

Beta user, alpha product

Dr. Barrera practices general dentistry part time in an office she describes as “small - focused on quality, not volume.”

She sees it as a privilege, a luxury even, that she gets to spend as much quality time as she does with patients, paying attention to the treatment at hand and the best possible resources to make that treatment successful.

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As a long-time user of Johnson-Promident products, Dr. Barrera was open to trying out the new single use diamond composite polisher, and found herself surprisingly impressed by the product.

“I have used a lot of polishers, all sorts, all kinds,” she shared, “and I have never found something that brings me this close to the natural enamel. I was looking for something that compares to the texture/shininess of the natural enamel, and this product does just that.”

Listening to Dr. Barrera list the vast number of products she’s tried sounds like a run through of a distributor catalog:

“I’ve used a variety of discs, ceramic stones and typical rubber cups that come in different shapes. I’ve used brushes impregnated in diamonds. I’ve used paste in a syringe,” she recalled. “Lately, I’ve been using a liquid gloss acrylic that you brush on the surface and cure – gives a good shine, but it is just a covering.”

Her main complaint with the products that came before was that she was always making a compromise between the desired texture and the desired shine.
The new polisher allows her to accomplish the natural enamel-like shine without taking a long time to reach the texture.

“It really makes the surface shine,” she said. “I haven’t been able to accomplish this before, and I’ve been a dentist for many years.”

It is that experience that Dr. Barrera draws from when trying to help colleagues understand why such a simple product can have such a big impact on the practice.

“I’ve tried it all -why reinvent the wheel again? This is a good product that gets the job done well and quickly,” she said. “I spend so much time trying to get a good luster, but with this, I can accomplish that easily. It gets the job done.”

Other noteworthy features

Of course, it’s not all about shine. There were several other aspects of the product that impressed Dr. Barrera. Among them:

It is a disposable product.

“You always use a new instrument and there is no cross contamination-I really appreciate that.”

The simplicity of the instrument.

“There are some sets that have so many shapes. This gives me the cup – with that I can do anything. Everything comes in one simple system, and instead of becoming a collection of random products in one of our drawers, I am actively using the product.”

Closing thoughts

“Johnson-Promident has always had good products and I’ve been using them for a long time. However, completely independent of my appreciation for the company, this product stands up on its own,” Dr. Barrera said. “This is the best thing to use-it offers the best quality and the best value.”

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