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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-07-01
Issue 7

Q: Atlantic is well known in the dental laboratory industry. Why the recent push to dentists?

Q:Atlantic is well known in the dental laboratory industry. Why the recent push to dentists?

A: Originally yes, probably 95-98% of our work came from dental laboratories, but as we’ve seen industry changes our push has been toward the dentists. We started to grow this business with the reputation with the dental laboratories - 85% of the metal used in dentistry is walking around in people’s mouths. The other 15% was scrap generated by the labs so that’s how we built the company, on that 15%. Knowing that the remaining 85% is being put in the mouth, we are actively pursuing the dentists because we know this market is grossly underserved.

Q:How did you get involved in the dental industry?

A: I started Atlantic 25 years ago, but before that I worked for my father in his dental lab. I grew up in a dental lab, literally. It was in our basement and eventually took over the whole house.

Q:Tell us a little about the business side and your philosophy.

A: The last two years have brought many changes with the lack of precious metals being used in the dental lab world, so we’ve had to adapt and we’ve expanded in all areas from our assay laboratory to our ability to incinerate lower grade sweep materials and carpeting to the actual breaking down and growing the refining end of it. We do 100% of it in-house. We just always want to treat everybody the way we want to be treated. We realize everybody is just looking to be paid fairly for what they have, and that’s what we intend to do every time. We go to great lengths to ensure that happens. Through documentation, photography, and analysis, everything we do here is step by step and the safeguards we put in place are to ensure customers get paid for everything they should get paid for.


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