DPR Friday: August cover products, free book offer from Oral BioTech

dentalproductsreport.com-2012-08-01, Issue 8

Watch DPR Friday now to find out what's new in digital dental products and also to learn how to score yourself a free copy of a book on caries management.

Watch DPR Friday now to find out what's new in digital dental products and also to learn how to score yourself a free copy of a book on caries management.

The August issue of Dental Products Report features new dental products, including E4D Compare Software from D4D Technologies, ReputationMonitor from 1-800-DENTIST, and the ImageMaster USB intraoral camera from Imagin Systems Corp.

Director of Content Thais Carter takes the new product information beyond the written word and describes the benefits in full detail.

Also, watch to find out how Dental Products Report readers can take advantage of an offer made possible by Oral BioTech. The book Balance is written by Dr. V. Kim Kutsch, DMD, and Robert J. Bowers and addresses the current trends in caries management and insight on new detection technologies.

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Welcome to this week’s episode of DPR Friday. I’m Thais Carter, Director of Content for Advanstar Dental Media. Lots to talk about this month, so why wait a minute longer?

Described as an innovative adaptive learning technology tool for dental teaching institutions, D4D Technologies’ E4D Compare™ software provides students with self-evaluation tools for precise measurement and feedback about their sample preparations and restorations and how they compare to the institution’s standards. As they progress, digital portfolios develop that demonstrate their accomplishments in tooth preparation, restoration design and occlusal articulation. The software also provides evidence-based assessment tools.

From clinicians’ individual and personalized dashboards, 1-800-DENTIST’ ReputationMonitor® gathers online reviews, social media mentions, and listings from hundreds of sites and displays them on a single screen. It is said to help clinicians increase online visibility, track patient reviews and maximize social media. Dental offices also get real-time alerts when a new patient review is posted, as well as a full list of existing ratings and reviews from across the Web. It also monitors dentists’ local competitors, displaying their online stats for easy side-by-side comparison.

The UVC ImageMaster USB intraoral camera from Imagin Systems does not require drivers to operate. It’s completely digital, using a high resolution C-MOS imaging sensor as the stream of pure digital data processing and a proprietary lighting system that requires only 2 LEDs to fully illuminate the mouth. The camera includes caries detection and translucency modes along with grey scale. It has a small anti-fog lens with an electronic pointing arrow and image orientation choices of direct or mirror.

The book Balance by V. Kim Kutsch, DMD and Robert J. Bowers, addresses current trends in caries management including caries risk assessment, new detection technologies, and therapeutic strategies for medical management of the disease. Sponsored by Oral BioTech, DPR readers can get a free copy by visiting: dentalproductsreport.com/dental/balance-book.com.

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