Combining power and convenience in a handpiece

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report February 2019
Volume 53
Issue 2

Exploring the design and technology behind the StarDental 430SWL Torque Flex handpiece from DentalEZ.

Introduced in October 2018 by DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions, the StarDental® 430SWL® Torque Flex handpiece offers an effective combination of power and torque with the convenience of accepting Multiflex couplings.

The 430SWL Torque Flex handpiece is perfect for a variety of procedures, including, but not limited to, caries and amalgam removal, restorative work and crown preparations.

The handpiece was foremost developed with its users in mind. Its balanced design and angled head allow for a neutral wrist position that may minimize hand fatigue. It’s lightweight, weighing less than two ounces, and quiet, with an average decibel rating of 67 - comparable to a normal spoken conversation heard at a distance of three feet.

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With the 430SWL Torque Flex handpiece, DentalEZ offers a handpiece that reduces the need for the purchase of additional couplings, making life that much easier for its users.

“The new 430SWL Torque Flex has been designed to mate with the KaVo Multiflex style coupling,” says Luther Gates, staff engineer on the StarDental engineering team. “This allows a dentist to use the highest power handpiece on the market with their KaVo couplings and precludes the need to purchase additional couplings for their practice.”

Made in the United States, the 430SWL Torque Flex handpiece features a small (11.1 mm) diameter head, with fiber optics designed with ideal operative site visibility in mind. The high-speed handpiece’s double bucket rotor design allows for the delivery of robust performance.

Furthermore, the handpiece offers a lube-free turbine that doesn’t need to be relubricated between patients. “The lube-free turbine option is unique to this market,” Gates says.

This lube-free option reduces handpiece maintenance costs significantly by eliminating the need to utilize maintenance stations and lubricant.

The turbine of the 430SWL Torque Flex handpiece is protected from damage commonly caused by debris being “sucked back” into the housing by way of the vortex washer design, which minimizes such damage.

The dependability of the handpiece’s design shows even in the co-axial water spray, which is designed for “optimized spray, cooling the bur, and flushing the operatory site with a simple and reliable system,” according to Gates.

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The 430SWL Torque Flex handpiece boasts ruggedly reliable construction, with a body fabricated from 100 percent stainless steel, offering not only strength but also long-term durability. In addition, the handpiece is backed by up to a two-year limited warranty.

Ergonomically designed with a stylish satin finish and offering 31 watts of power, the handpiece is as attractive as it is effective. In fact, it’s the “highest powered handpiece on the market verified by internal lab testing to the ISO 14457:2017 standard,” Gates says.

Additionally, StarDental handpieces can be personalized with a group name or logo, adding a special touch.

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