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Closer Look: A Simple Shade Solution for Posterior Restorations

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report July 2021
Volume 55
Issue 7

Featuring Nano-ORMOCER technology, VOCO America’s Admira Fusion x-tra delivers results and simplifies procedures.

Although Christopher Sortman, DDS, a private-practice clinician in Norton Shores, Michigan, does not mind a challenge, there is 1 particular frustration he could do without.

“I’ve never been a fan of trying to match shades in posterior restorations,” he says. “But it really stinks to have fillings that stand out when viewed in normal lighting.”

Christopher Sortman, DDS

Christopher Sortman, DDS

He was not sure what could simplify shade matching for the posterior but already had a clear solution for anterior direct-restoration cases. This came in the form of VOCO’s Admira Fusion, which impressed him with its ability to simplify the shade-matching process in the anterior. A longtime user of VOCO products (Dr Sortman first integrated them into his practice in 2017), he was intrigued when Admira Fusion x-tra was released in January 2020. He quickly decided that it made sense to see whether it would be the solution to his posterior shade-matching frustrations.

“I was more than happy to try it and integrate it into our practices,” Dr Sortman says. “VOCO’s entire line of products is awesome and super competitive.”

Because of his success with Admira Fusion, Dr Sortman had high expectations for x-tra, also a nanohybrid composite material, based on the same purely ceramic-based Nano-ORMOCER technology as the original—with the added benefit of being a single shade. Dr Sortman was pleased to find that Admira Fusion x-tra provided similarly excellent posterior matching and was ideal for Class I and II posterior restorations, Class V restorations, and as a base in Class I and II cavities. The doctor credits the unique omnichromatic effect of the material for its excellent shade matching, because it blends with the surrounding structures and covers the classic shade range with just 1 shade. He also finds the easy polishability, high gloss, and high stain resistance add to the esthetics.

Admira Fusion x-tra

Admira Fusion x-tra

Described as the world’s first single-shade, omnichromatic, all ceramic-based direct bulk-fill restorative material, the nano-ORMOCER material is fast and delivers high-quality, reliable curing of 4-mm layers. It features extremely low polymerization shrinkage (1.25% by volume) and particularly low level of shrinkage stress, providing optimal marginal integrity. It also is inert, so it’s biocompatible and extremely resistant to discoloration.

VOCO America


“Admira Fusion x-tra does a great job of having a chameleon effect and blends in with a single shade,” he explains. “Without having to decide on a shade, it magically blends in with whatever tooth shade you’re putting it in. I have no idea how they do it.”

In addition to simplifying the shade-matching process, Dr Sortman appreciates the material’s “grab-and-go” properties, which he considers a deciding factor in the product’s ease of use. He uses the Admira Fusion x-base for his first layer and applies the x-tra over it. With a 4-mm depth of cure, the material allows for convenient bulk filling, and its low initial shrinkage rate of 1.25% leads to long-lasting restorations. A high radiopacity of 296% and a 20-second curing time are added bonuses.

“Admira Fusion x-tra has an awesome 4-mm depth of cure, a very low shrinkage rate, and is highly radiopaque, which makes it look awesome on x-rays,” Dr Sortman summarizes. “The technology and continued simplification of it are always impressive.”

Add in compatibility with all resin-based adhesives, a nonsticky consistency for easy handling, and the material’s nanohybrid, pure-silicate technology, and Dr Sortman struggles to come up with a drawback to the material or a way it could be improved. He is intrigued by the idea of an evolution of the product in the line of bioactive materials and would be interested in a material that would somehow bond to the tooth in a chemical fashion similar to some cements. “That’s way beyond my pay grade, though,” he says. “Admira Fusion x-tra really is great the way it is.”

As to why he thinks colleagues should adopt Admira Fusion x-tra in their practice, Dr Sortman’s answer is simple. “Why would you not simplify your procedure if the results are great?” he says. “It’s also highly competitive from a pricing point of view, so you just can’t go wrong.”

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