A Simple Path From Analog to Digital Imaging

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report April 2021
Volume 55
Issue 4

How the QuickShot Instant Film Digitizer from X-Ray Support brought the benefits of digital imaging to one dental practice.

I found paradise in the form of QuickShot Instant Film Digitizer. This system really is bliss for dentists who elect to not use digital x-rays. This x-ray copy machine allows analog x-ray films to be digitized and sent by computer, just like digital x-ray images.

Jim Jacobson invented the QuickShot Instant Film Digitizer, and each machine is carefully assembled in Spokane, Washington. Jacobson is an inventor, but he isn’t into marketing, so I only found out about this machineby accident on the internet.

The system has proved to besimple enough when I added it to my practice. Installation was easy and required nothing more than connecting to an available port on my office computer and installing the supplied software.

QuicShot Instant Film Digitizer

QuickShot Instant Film Digitizer

Designed to capture high-resolution digital images from film x-rays, the QuickShot enables practices using film x-rays to access the advantages of digital radiography. Said to be easy to set up and featuring a simple practice management software connection, the QuickShot makes it simple for any practice to use x-ray images for on screen patient presentation, electronic claims submission, referrals to other providers, and easier archiving of patient records.

X-Ray Support

In a short time, it has become an integral part of our everyday computer use. We truly use the scanner and software all day. The system offers plenty of flexibility because it can interface with your existing practice management operations or as a stand-alone unit. You can organize your x-rays into folders with each patient’s name for future access, making it simple to find what you’re looking for whenever you need it. With digital x-ray images, nothing can get lost. You can even enlarge just a portion of an x-ray and print it.

Now, with the QuickShot in use to digitize my x-ray films, I can electronically send cases for insurance authorizations and approvals. The ability to include digital versions of x-rays helps provide a faster turnaround time. Also, I no longer need to use a 2 film x-ray packet to duplicate my images, which means cost savings for my practice. Additionally, I never lose copies of the x-rays I have to send to insurance carriers that no longer return any x-rays.

QuickShot has already standardized workflow in my practice. My assistant, Carolina, places the analog film on the screen at the back edge to keep it straight, and she presses a few buttons. Almost instantly, the x-ray image is saved into our files and ready to attach for electronic processing.

To me, this is heaven.I resisted going into digital x-rays. Now this machine gives me all the benefits of digital x-rays without the expense and trouble.

You can also use QuickShot for scanning other types of images for more than just documentation and claims. If you need to duplicate an image of almost anything, you can place a picture, photo, or model on the screen and print an accurate copy on your printer.

This machine is not only the fulfillment of my dream but has saved me a lot of money compared with the cost to integrate a full digital x-ray system into my practice. I am still learning all the wonderful things I can do with this machine, and I’m excited about finding new applications in my practice.

A wonderful thing about X-Ray Support is that they care. They are always just a phone call away to help. QuickShot is not available through any supply dealer, only directly from the manufacturer.

Based on my experience with the system, I can confidently say QuickShot is not only an excellent addition to my team’s armamentarium, but it is also just plain fun to use.

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