Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2021, Volume 55, Issue 4

The Anatotemp SC healing abutment and scan body, a recent addition to exocad’s and 3Shape’s dental implant laboratory and model creator software, offers a streamlined digital workflow.

Complied by Stan Goff | Information provided by Anatotemp.

What: Anatotemp SC Anatomic Dental Implant Healing Abutment and Scan Body

Who: Anatotemp

330-609-0386 | anatotemp.com

Where: All dental implant practices. Implant surgeons will enjoy the ease of placement and restorative clinicians will enjoy the streamlined digital workflow.

When: The Anatotemp SC can be placed at stage 1 or stage 2 surgery. The Anatotemp SC can then be intraorally scanned at stage 1, stage 2, or after the gingiva has healed. There is no need to remove the Anatotemp SC or take 2 scans.

Why: This second-generation Anatotemp SC is both an anatomic healing abutment and a digital impression body. It simplifies the digital dental implant workflow, saving steps and even appointments. Patients can reap the benefits of knowing their surgeon, restorative dentist, and lab technician are employing all available resources to create the ideal dental restoration, resulting in optimal esthetics, function, and hygiene.

*How: With the Anatotemp SC, there is no need to remove the healing abutment and place an impression post or scan body. The product performs both functions, saving the implant clinician 4 steps and at least 1 appointment. Another benefit: Including the Anatotemp SC library into the exocad and 3Shape dental laboratory software streamlines the dental implant clinician’s workflow. Anatotemp SC is available in 6 anatomic shapes and multiple antirotational connections.