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A Customized and Trackable Marketing Software Solution

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report April 2021
Volume 55
Issue 4

The Dental Marketing Dashboard from AIM Dental Marketing offers a custom, adaptable tool for practices.

William McCune, DDS, BS

William McCune, DDS, BS

William McCune, DDS, BS, has been practicing as a general dentist in the Buffalo Grove, Illinois community for 34 years. Dr McCune has been using the Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD) from AIM Dental Marketing for about 2 years. He’s been working with AIM nearly since it opened its doors in 1989.

“We kind of evolved together,” Dr McCune says. “AIM first started with direct mail marketing. And then the company evolved to web design, web marketing, and tracking. I’ve been with Danny [Daniel Bobrow, president and CEO, AIM Dental Marketing] pretty much since the inception of his company.”

Dental Marketing Dashboard

an all-in-one digital marketing solution that helps practices track and manage their marketing investments. The software’s tracking allows practices to quickly and easily identify their marketing results. DMD delivers vital statistics, including patient value (annual and lifetime), patient acquisition cost, return on investment by tactic (search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, direct mail, public relations, etc), the team’s batting average (the percentage of calls from new patients that convert into appointments), and more. This reporting is designed to allow practices to make informed decisions about their dental marketing plan.

AIM Dental Marketing
800-723-6523 | aimdentalmarketing.com

The DMD software has provided Dr McCune’s practice, Creekside Dental, a solution that allows him to personalize each marketing campaign.

“It’s pretty intriguing to me, as a practice owner, to be able to pinpoint my marketing,” says Dr McCune. “It helps me put my dollars where they’re better spent. That’s what attracted me to this software as far as being able to… get a pretty quick snapshot. I know what’s happening with my marketing.”

This software stood apart from what he’s used in the past, Dr McCune says. It’s given him the ability to target his marketing campaigns across all demographics and patients he wants to attract.

“Some companies will just boilerplate marketing across the board for everybody,” he says. “And I think this is more analytical according to the demographics of my area and according to what patients I want to attract to my practice. That’s what [makes it] stand apart versus other dental marketing agencies. I think it’s more personalized, more of a custom fit to what I want and what my patients want.”

Dr McCune has been in the Buffalo Grove community long enough to see a mix of demographics at his practice; elderly, millennials, and pediatric patients—he sees them all. However, his practice is looking into what attracts millennials to a dental practice. From this perspective, Dr McCune says, having a healthy mix of marketing tools at his disposal has been a plus.

“The nice thing about this is we can change things—what procedures I want more of for different parts of the year,” Dr McCune says. “We may switch our marketing over to more orthodontics, and maybe at a different time, switch over to more implants or cosmetic stuff. So, this way, we’re mixing it up and attracting a wider spectrum of patients.”

According to Dr McCune, the AIM software has been not only a partner but also a valuable ally. It has provided flexibility that has been really important to what his practice is trying to accomplish.

“The nice thing is, it’s very mobile, where if something’s not working, you’re not stuck doing it for a whole year,” he says. “It’s like, ‘OK, we’ve gotten this 3 to 4 months, and we’re not seeing any return so let’s switch to something else.’”

Despite dealing with the coronavirus disease 2019 restrictions, Dr McCune’s practice has seen about 12% growth over January/February of last year, without shutting down the practice completely.

“I think it’s money well spent,” Dr McCune says. “If you keep an eye on it just marginally and monitor the new patient flow and your procedure flow…it’s definitely going to [raise] return on investment because if something’s not working, you can get rid of it, tweak it, or change it.”

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