5Ws* VOCO Retraction Paste

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2022, Volume 56, Issue 4

VOCO America’s new astringent retraction paste offers a 2-stage viscosity in a long, thin, and flexible customized capsule tip for simple and direct application, resulting in optimal retraction and moisture management of the gingival sulcus.

Information provided by VOCO America Inc.


VOCO Retraction Paste


VOCO America Inc




Every dental practice looking to create the ideal conditions for accurate and successful digital or conventional impressions.


Primarily used for the retraction of marginal gingiva and moisture management of the gingival sulcus prior to analog or digital impressions. This retraction paste can also be used to assist in the cementation of temporary and permanent restorations and as preparation for Class II and V restorations.


It is an astringent paste with aluminum chloride that is designed to widen and dry the gingival sulcus, creating the ideal conditions for accurate and successful digital or conventional impressions. The material is a bright turquoise color, providing high contrast to tooth structure and gingiva and ensuring that the paste is visible and can be easily rinsed off after only 1 to 2 minutes. It is said to save clinicians up to 50% of procedural time compared with other methods and can be used as a replacement for or in conjunction with a retraction cord.


Retraction Paste features a custom-engineered capsule with a long, fine, flexible plastic tip rather than metal, and is said to avoid damage to the gingiva and allow for precise application. Its 2-stage viscosity makes for simple application. First, the paste easily flows under low pressure out of the capsule into the sulcus with minimal extrusion force. Once in place, its viscosity increases to remain stable as it temporarily widens the sulcus. At 0.3 g per cap, VOCO Retraction Paste capsules contain enough material for up to 3 teeth.