5Ws* Triton Traveler System

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2022, Volume 56, Issue 4

This robust portable dentistry system is durable for all mobile dental needs, such as nursing homes and field conditions.

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The Triton Traveler Mobile Dentistry System


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As a mobile system, the Triton Traveler is best used for cases on the go, such as nursing homes and field conditions.


The portable setup weighs about 113 lb and can be adjusted based on height. Indicated for a variety of dental procedures, the Triton Traveler System can be used by a single clinician or with a dental assistant. The unit contains sound-dampening technology for a quiet work area and a boosted patient experience.


The Triton Traveler System can be applied in situations where mobile dentistry is necessary. Its case is said to be drop-test approved and can be rolled like a suitcase. It is ready to be used as soon as it is plugged in and is available in black, olive drab, and tan. With its portability, the Triton Traveler System offers a robust mobile dentistry experience as needed.

The How*

The Triton Traveler System is a mobile platform featuring an internal vacuum pump and separate air compressor, 2 air handpiece connections, an air-water syringe, titanium saliva injector, HVE, and a water bottle. The water system includes a DentaPure water line disinfection cartridge system and is said to require a cartridge change only once a year. The compressed air system is powered by an aluminum air tank and the system as a whole is pressure switch-activated. Finally, the vacuum system features an autoclavable exhaust filter as well as a suction canister that touts an auto shutoff float switch.