5Ws* izzo 4-in-1 Oral Care System

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2022, Volume 56, Issue 4

This new direct-to-consumer initiative designed to elevate at-home care is the first and only 4-in-1 oral care system that goes significantly beyond the typical toothbrush to deliver healthy confidence.

Information provided by Premier Dental Co.


izzo™ 4-in-1 at-home oral care system


izzo, LLC




Inspired and designed by dental professionals, izzo helps patients elevate their oral care outside the dental office. This at-home system makes it easy to maintain wellness routines and enable healthier, whiter smiles.


This at-home oral care system should be used as directed to provide consumers enhanced at-home oral care. The brush, scaler, and UV-C sanitizer are for daily use while the polishing system is intended for weekly use.


izzo leverages Premier Dental Products’ deep know-how from over 100 years in developing professional-grade oral care products. This differentiated product helps elevate patients’ at-home oral care for the other 360+ days a year they are not at the dental office. izzo is easy for consumers to use with a convenient Subscribe & Save program for brush, polishing head, and enamel polishing paste refills.


Designed specifically for at-home use to complement the patient’s professional care, izzo features a state-of-the-art oscillating toothbrush and a unique polishing system that can safely and effectively remove stains for brighter, whiter smiles and a cleaner, healthier mouth. The kit also includes a plastic scaler to help gently remove debris and soft plaque from hard-to-reach areas on and between teeth, and a UV-C sanitizer case designed to kill germs that can linger on a brush head between uses. The izzo Oral Care System is designed to provide patients a healthy confidence knowing they are using innovative tools to elevate their oral care between visits to the dental professional.