5Ws* VisCalor bulk

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2021, Volume 55, Issue 4

VOCO America’s VisCalor bulk thermo-viscous bulk-fill composite features a simple “warm it, flow it, and sculpt it” workflow.

compiled by Stan Goff | Information provided by VOCO America.

What: VisCalor bulk

Who: VOCO America Inc

888-658-2584 | vocoamerica.com

Where: All dental practices doing restorative work could benefit from using VisCalor bulk, which provides the viscosity and adaptability of a flowable composite and the sculptability of a packable composite in a single material for a true monoblock concept.

When: As an 83% filled nano-hybrid composite, the material meets the need for a bulk-fill restorative for long-term performance. Also, with VisCalor bulk, restorations can be placed without a separate occlusal layer, multiple increments, or a base material.

Why: The VisCalor approach combines the viscosity of a flowable composite for application and adaptability with the sculptability of a packable composite for strength and performance. It also cuts the average time it takes to fill cavities—especially those that are 4 mm deep—by more than 40%. As a result, VisCalor bulk can be used for both small and large cavities no matter how deep or narrow, without compromising adaptation or strength.

*How: VisCalor bulk’s ability to hold up over time and wear stands out compared with the durability of other bulk-fill materials. Combined with its other physical properties (flexural strength, polymerization shrinkage, shrinkage stress, water absorption, etc), VisCalor bulk’s 2-in-1 material minimizes procedural steps, reduces costs, and increases simplicity, making this product the ideal bulk-fill restorative.