Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2021, Volume 55, Issue 11

SICAT’s RAPID DIGITALGUIDE is an STL surgical guide powered by artificial intelligence for in-office 3D printing.

Information provided by SICAT.

What: SICAT RAPID DIGITALGUIDE: A ready-to-print automatic STL surgical guide design for in-office 3D printing.

Who: SICAT GmbH & Co KG
800-550-9961 | sicat.com

Where: Any practice working with 3D digital implant planning and 3D printer technology. Ordering a RAPID DIGITALGUIDE requires SICAT Implant V2.0.1 or higher and SICAT Implant Database Version 2.0 Update 3 or higher.

When: The RAPID DIGITALGUIDE will be available as of November 2021.

Why: The RAPID DIGITALGUIDE increases the efficiency of the digital chairside workflow. Dentists will achieve optimal clinical outcomes, enhance the patient’s experience, and expand their return on investment through increased case acceptance. Because of the power of artificial intelligence, the dentist significantly saves time and can move quickly from digital implant planning in the SICAT Implant software to final implant placement.

*The How: Plan, print, and treat. By using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, SICAT delivers the RAPID DIGITALGUIDE in less than 20 minutes. The dentist plans the implants in the software, receives and prints the STL surgical guide design, and can finally treat the patient within a very short time period. Delivered in less than 20 minutes for less than $20.