5Ws* PayJunction Payments

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2021, Volume 55, Issue 11

PayJunction makes payment transactions easier for both patient and practice through its paperless, digital system.

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PayJunction payment processing solutions



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Any practice that wishes to digitize the patient experience and offer contactless payment. Accept payments in the office, online, over the phone, or via emailed invoicing. Staff can securely manage activity and view reports and customer payment history from anywhere in the office or at home.


When the patient is planning on making a payment including at the time of service or remotely through a number of options. Payments for balance due after insurance or recurring installment payments can be scheduled out.


PayJunction saves dental practices time and money. Affordable, transparent, and ethical pricing programs featuring simple month-to-month terms. Front office staff can streamline all payments, improve cash flow, reduce paperwork, and speed end-of-day reconciliation, giving them more time to spend on patient-facing activities.

The How*

PayJunction is said to utilize digital payment solutions in a safe and efficient way for both the patient and the practice. The ZeroTouch terminal is a customer-facing device that accepts in-person payments made via dip, swipe or tap, and the Virtual Terminal allows payments to be made over the phone or through the mail. Recurring payments securely store patient and card or bank account details so payments can automatically be processed based on an agreed upon schedule. Staff can access patient payment histories, see deposits, and generate reports in just a few clicks.