5Ws* Admira Fusion x-tra

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2021, Volume 55, Issue 11

This single-shade Omni-chromatic Nano-ORMOCER restorative material from VOCO America is formulated to deliver low shrinkage, 4-mm depth of cure, high biocompatibility, and simple, strong restorations.

Information provided by VOCO America.

Admira Fusion x-tra single-shade Omni-chromatic Nano-ORMOCER restorative

VOCO America



Every dental practice looking to deliver simpler restorations with optimal esthetics.

For all direct restorative procedures where benefits such as low shrinkage, high depth of cure and optimal biocompatibility aid in great outcomes.

Admira Fusion x-tra is formulated to simplify your dentistry. With 1 universal shade to instantly match the entire shade range of human dentition, the shade matching step is eliminated and the esthetic restorations that result make for happy patients, less stress for the practitioner and more time. Combined with a 4-mm depth of cure and an 84% fill rate (by weight) the material allows practitioners to offer their patients premium treatment with a level of quality that has never been achieved.

*The How:
Admira Fusion x-tra’s nano-hybrid fillers consist of a high percentage of nano-particles in combination with micro and macro sized fillers. Due to their size and shape, Admira Fusion x-tra’s designer nano-particles do not diffract or refract light. Rather, light passes through the nano-particles, hits the surrounding tooth structure and returns to the human eye now influenced by the shade and color of the surrounding tooth structure. This is how Admira Fusion x-tra has the unique ability to match the shade range of human dentition in a single omni-chromatic universal shade.