5Ws* Pluto 0001X and Pluto 0002X

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2021, Volume 55, Issue 11

These new x-ray sensors provide high-resolution images and are easy to use and comfortable for patients.

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Pluto 0001X and Pluto 0002X Digital Intraoral Sensors


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Every practice looking for fast, high-quality digital x-rays. Pluto 0001X is designed for children and adults, whereas Pluto 0002X is suited for adults.


With every new patient examination and every procedure requiring optimal resolution images for the best diagnostics. With the optional iRay intraoral software application, clinicians can easily acquire, enhance, analyze, view, and share images from the Pluto 0001X and the Pluto 0002X sensors.


Pluto 0001X and Pluto 0002X are digital size-1 and size-2 intraoral sensors that feature a 20-μm pixel pitch CMOS sensor with CsI (cesium iodide) scintillator that ensures optimal resolution. The sensor has an ergonomic design with smooth edges, rounded corners, and a flexible cable for maximum patient comfort. An easy-to-use, high-speed direct USB interface enables a simple connection to a PC without need for an additional control box.

The How*

With CMOS detector technology, the sensors feature low-dose clinical imaging, high resolution, and wide dynamic range and are designed with slim, rounded corners and a smooth edge. With direct USB connectivity, the x-ray solution features an AED (automatic exposure detection) trigger for fast and easy workflow, durable material and components, and drop protection with a maximum height of 1.5 meters.