5Ws* Monet Laser Curing Light

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2021, Volume 55, Issue 11

This Monet laser curing light builds on innovations and technology to make a faster and more reliable curing light.


The AMD Lasers Monet Laser Curing Light


AMD Lasers

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Any dental practice that needs a fast and reliable curing light.


The Monet laser curing light is better than LED curing lights and is suitable for daily use.


The Monet laser curing light avoids the pitfalls of standard LED curing lights, including the uncollimated light beam. It is said to do so through its rotatable head, coherent collimated beam with a 12-mm diameter, consistent beam intensity, aperture attachments, and handheld operation.

The How*

The Monet laser curing light is designed to improve on LED curing lights by its plethora of new features. Because light curing is used in every dental practice, it was vital to create a curing light that would not lose intensity with distance. The Monet laser curing light also has a curing 8-mm depth of composite in 3 seconds, making it faster and more efficient for daily use.