Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2021, Volume 55, Issue 4

The Clio Prime digital x-ray sensor allows clinicians to use any handheld x-ray or wall mount unit for consistently sharp diagnostic images.

Compiled by Stan Goff | Information provided by SOTA Imaging.

What: Clio Prime

Who: SOTA Imaging

888-266-7682 | sotaimaging.com

Where: Every dental practice. The sensor comes in 2 sizes to fit every patient’s needs. Clio Prime is the ideal size to cover exams in most patients. For more specialized and smaller pediatric patients, Clio Pedo is the perfect size and features ComfyCorner edges for high patient acceptance.

When: Whenever exceptional diagnostic x-ray images are needed, whether using a handheld x-ray system or a wall mount unit, the Clio Prime is designed to deliver effortless positioning throughout full mouth x-ray series.

Why: No matter the source, Clio Prime’s EveryShot X-Ray Capture technology effectively eliminates under- and overexposure, saving users from time-consuming retakes. The ComfyCorner design is made for simple positioning, and the clipped corners and beveled edges are anatomically aligned to the oral cavity, making any x-ray effortless. The same benefits are included with the Clio Pedo. The company conducted numerous tests to prove longevity for every millimeter of the sensor, which were then dentist verified.

*How: The imaging solution features a fiber optic design for low visual noise, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology for ultra-detailed images, and an advanced dynamic range for optimal contrast across the radiation spectrum. The Clio Prime dental sensor is designed to be tough. With an incredibly hard outer capsule and shock-absorbing bumpers, it stands up to the rigors of daily use, saving practices from expensive replacements. Even the cable is customized, so patients bite on the positioner, not the cable.