Author | Paul LaTour


"I realized this implant was just what I needed"

August 29, 2016


DPR talks to Dr. Peter Karsant about how his patients have been able to benefit from the ANEW narrow-diameter implant system.

“Everybody wants whiter teeth; we can help our patients with that.”

August 22, 2016


Dr. Michael Koceja of Columbia Family Dentistry has been using CAO Group's Sheer White! whitening pretty much since he opened his practice about four or five years ago. The big reason he likes Sheer White! is because all the past strip whiteners didn’t stick to the teeth. After a few minutes you’re chewing them around and spitting them out. They became irritating to wear, so people just didn’t wear them.

Why this handpiece was a game-changer for one practice

June 28, 2016


Dr. Lawrence W. Kolar tells Dental Products Report about his experience using KaVo MASTERmatic handpieces.

How user-friendly Uveneer saves one practitioner time and energy

May 26, 2016


Why one practices uses Uveneer-a dentist-designed innovative system that creates contoured and polished composite veneers-for a variety of procedures, and quickly came to appreciate the user-friendly and time-saving advantages offered by the state-of-the-art technology.