Why this handpiece was a game-changer for one practice


Dr. Lawrence W. Kolar tells Dental Products Report about his experience using KaVo MASTERmatic handpieces.

When Dr. Lawrence W. Kolar was in the market for a new electric handpiece, his needs were twofold: He was looking for more torque but less vibration than the current model he was using.  

After a one-week trial run with the new KaVo MASTERmatic M25L (1:5) and the KaVo MASTERmatic M05 L mini (1:5) models, he was convinced. Only a week later at the ADA annual meeting, Dr. Kolar went straight to the KaVo booth and placed an order for seven handpieces. Here, he tells us why:

What was your initial assessment of the handpieces?

My first reaction was that there must be something wrong with the handpieces because there was such a low sound when I turned them on! I assumed they were running at a much reduced RPM than the old electrics that I then had been using. To my surprise, the dental unit indicated that the handpiece was running at the proper speed. 

When I used some carbide fissure burs and diamond crown preparation burs on some extracted teeth that I had, I was amazed at the rapid rate that the handpieces could cut, with minimal noise, minimal vibration and a smoother cutting surface. It was hard for me to believe that anything with that power could operate so smoothly and also be relatively lightweight and possess a relatively small head. The balance of the handpiece in my hand was remarkable. 

What other factors did you consider?

I think that when purchasing handpieces, it is best to look at more than cutting power, but the cutting power is what surprised and pleased me the most on the new KaVo models.  That said, “uncontrolled power” is useless, so I have to point out that it was the combination of power, complemented with the smoothness, quiet operation, lack of noticeable vibration and the balance in my hand that sold me on KaVo.  It was the package of all the aforementioned attributes that made KaVo the most logical choice for me.  

It was superior, hands down.

What have your results been? 

Many times, [dentists] purchase “must-have” equipment that later does not live up to our expectations. This buyer’s remorse often times makes us reluctant to make further purchases of other, needed equipment. However, in the case of my KaVo purchases, I have experienced absolutely no buyer’s remorse. Indeed, I intend on purchasing additional KaVo handpieces (both the M25L 1:5 models, plus the slow speed electric attachments, which I also own). The performance of these handpieces is superior to anything that I have ever owned or tried.

How have your patients responded?

I have pointed out my new purchases to my patients. I mention to them that I always update my practice with new, improved equipment and materials, so I point out the handpieces and the fact that they are smoother, quieter and have very little vibration. Numerous patients have responded that based upon their own past experiences in my office, that the new KaVo models are quieter and smoother. Believe me, people are much happier with this type of experience and they tell me so!

Why would you recommend this product to colleagues? 

I have recommended the KaVo M25L (and even the M05L for dentists who have lots of [pediatric] patients, or for dentists that want the minimum head size without sacrificing power). My recommendations are always based upon my experience with the KaVo handpieces, plus my experiences with other brands. I tell them the truth. In my experiences, the KaVo M25L is the best dental handpiece available on the market. 

For more information about the KaVo M25L or any other KaVo handpiece, call 888-ASK-KAVO or visit kavousa.com.

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