Top 5 ways to keep your hands healthy

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-03-01, Issue 3

The List: Quick bites for team development and practice success

The List: Quick bites for team development and practice success

01 An ergonomic handpiece

When investing in a new handpiece everyone prioritizes power, which is key. But also consider: weight, grip, overall design, torque - factors that contribute to your optimal performance.

02 The right gloves

Not all gloves are created equal. You’re looking for something that is not only soft, but also safe, strong and allergen-free.

03 Hand hygiene products developed for health care professionals

You may have a favorite soap or antibacterial gel, but if it isn’t designed for a health care setting, your “clean” hands may not be up to clinical standards.

04 A smart, ergonomic operatory set-up

When you reach, how far you reach, the angle - each of these small motions, repeated multiple times per day, over the course of a long career, can take their toll. Work with your assistant and custom organization set-ups to create an optimal flow.

05 Quality hand lotion

Lotion is important to keep hands healthy after multiple washes per day, but remember: Petroleum-based lotion formulations can weaken latex gloves and increase permeability, so choose wisely.