Top 5 signs you need a marketing consultant

Naomi Cooper

Naomi Cooper is President of Minoa Marketing and CEO and co-founder of Doctor Distillery. Naomi is a respected dental marketing executive, strategist, consultant, author, speaker and industry opinion leader. With over 16 years in the dental industry, she has helped leading companies across the dental industry consistently create tangible results for their marketing efforts aimed at the dental professional. Naomi also blogs regularly at For more information about Doctor Distillery, email or visit

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-01-01, Issue 1

Marketing not a priority in your practice? Here are five ways a dental marketing consultant can help change that.

Marketing not a priority in your practice? Here are five ways a dental marketing consultant can help change that.

1. Marketing efforts are disjointed, half-hearted and sporadic

A consultant should work with you to create an overarching strategy behind all marketing efforts so they work in concert with each other-and to focus on creating momentum behind a few key tactics that can create results and achieve your marketing goals.

2. Marketing always ends up on the back burner

The right consultant will hold you accountable and ensure the plan you create together actually gets implemented over time rather than getting shelved whenever something more urgent comes up. Consistency matters!

3. You’re doing it all yourself

A good consultant will not only be your coach but also your quarterback, recommending the best vendors so that not every item on your to-do list becomes another skill you have to master.

Remember, your time is best spent doing dentistry, not building your practice website or learning the latest SEO strategies.

4. You’re spending marketing money with no discernible ROI

A capable marketing consultant will help you be more results focused and can help identify marketing activities that should be eliminated in favor of more trackable, proven tactics.

5. Your marketing is out of date

A marketing consultant with experience in dental practice branding and online marketing can help attract new patients by bringing your practice marketing up to date and into the era of websites and social media-even if you don’t know your https from your htmls.