Solve My Problem: Ergonomic hand scalers that stay sharp and effective

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2020, Volume 54, Issue 9

LM Instruments from Planmeca are designed to provide improved ergonomics, when hand scaling to reduce aerosols over other methods.

Information provided by LM Instruments.

The Problem

Many restorative or hygiene care procedures generate aerosols, which can lead to the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Hand scaling can lead to problems if the instruments are not sharp, ergonomically designed or provide consistent tactile sensitivity.

The Solution

LM Instruments

  • LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments with LM-ErgoSense® handles are especially suitable for clinicians who frequently use hand instruments allowing them to minimize the time spent on maintenance. These instruments combine the optimal characteristics of superior sharpness with tactile sensitivity and comfort
  • The LM ErgoSense® hand instruments feature large diameter ergonomic handles. The comfortable, nonslip silicone handle allows for a natural grip with great tactile sensitivity. The handle is clinically proven to significantly reduce the fatigue and pain as well as prevent carpel tunnel syndrome. The medical-grade silicone surface is comfortable and allows for a nonslip grip
  • LM Sharp Diamond instruments are well-suited for all forms of scaling. These instruments retain their original functionality, size, and shape throughout their lifetime
  • LM Sharp Diamond instruments are equipped with functional safety—once the instrument becomes dull; it is time to replace
  • The use of hand scaling is suggested over ultrasonic scaling in an effort to reduce aerosols


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