Closer Look: The Perfect Fit for Ensuring Reliable Indirect Restorations

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report September 2020
Volume 54
Issue 9

KATANA™ Zirconia and PANAVIA™ Cements from Kuraray Noritake Dental offer an optimal combination for providing high esthetics and durability.

KATANA™ Zirconia and PANAVIA™ Cements

Since 1983, Kuraray Noritake Dental, has provided innovative and exceptional technologies that have improved the quality of adhesive dentistry. As a manufacturer of both dental resin and ceramic materials, Kuraray has incorporated its technological expertise in adhesion into the fabrication of indirect restorations. Leading the way is KATANA Zirconia and PANAVIA Cements, an optimal combination for highly esthetic, durable, and reliable indirect restorations.



KATANA Zirconia is a high-strength ceramic material suitable for a variety of dental procedures.

KATANA discs feature a multilayered technology with a preshaded color gradient, natural translucency, and the flexibility to make full contour prosthetics. Together, KATANA Zirconia and PANAVIA Cements are designed to make natural-looking restorations easier than ever.

“In my practice, we are heavily focused on CAD/CAM technology,” says Karyn M. Halpern, DMD, MS, and the owner of Port Jefferson Smiles, a multispecialty, high-tech private dental practice in Port Jefferson Station, New York. “Using materials such as KATANA Zirconia and CEREC Solutions by Denstply Sirona, we are able to routinely provide same-day, single-visit full ceramic crowns, bridges, and onlays. After taking digital images, we design the restoration using the CEREC computer software, mill the block, and then sinter, polish, and cement it. Within a 2-hour appointment, the patient is able to go home with a finished restoration.”

KATANA™ Zirconia and PANAVIA™ Cements

With its superb flexural strength—763 MPa—and color gradient that mimics natural teeth,KATANA™ Zirconia provides new solutions that cannot be delivered with lithium silicate glass (LS glass) or conventional zirconia. PANAVIA™ V5 offers excellent bond strength and esthetics for everything from bridges to veneers. For everyday cementation cases, PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal is a one bottle system that offers high bond strength, eliminating the need for separate silane. Both offer easy, quick cleanup and predictable, reliable outcomes.

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PANAVIA Cements ensure that the cementation of the restoration is both reliable and durable. Known for their durability to zirconia, PANAVIA SA Cement Universal and PANAVIA V5 also provide ease of use, esthetic value, reliability, and high bond strength. PANAVIA V5 is Kuraray’s strongest cement and offers optimal margins, predictable restorations, and a strong and durable bond between KATANA Zirconia-based restorations and the tooth structure.

KATANA Zirconia gives practitioners a lot of control to balance out and manipulate the look of the restoration.

“The KATANA STML blocks have different gradients of translucency and come in many different shades. I can manipulate the restoration’s position within this multi-layer block using the CEREC software to achieve the overall look and translucency desired,” Halpern says.

The process is efficient, predictable, and precise. There are no traditional analog impressions to send to a lab, reducing the possibility of human error and eliminating the need for a second appointment. Using the CEREC system, this zirconia can be milled without chipping and can be sintered in 18 minutes. The restoration can be completed within the scope of a chairside appointment without compromising the quality of the product.

Zirconia is a category of materials that has been around for several years. But having the KATANA Zirconia compatibility available within the CEREC technology allows the practitioner to create the entire restoration in one office visit, which benefits both dentist and patient.

“I started using these materials approximately 1 year ago, and like having control of the product I am delivering,” she says. “I enjoy the artistic aspect of customizing restorations to make them look like real teeth. The tooth looks so natural that my patients often ask me which tooth has the crown.”

Although they do not constitute a one-size-fits-all approach, KATANA Zirconia and PANAVIA Cements should be in every dentist’s arsenal of products, says Halpern. “I believe these products have achieved the goal of best balance between strength and esthetics,” she adds. “In my opinion, it is the best dental care that you can provide. I am very happy with the results and so are my patients.”

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